Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Change is Good

The girls and I went to get haircuts (WAAAAAY overdue haircuts!) last week. Gracie for her first (I have more pictures on my big camera for this major milestone for my big girl (tear)), and Brantley and I just for trims.
My big girl for her 5th or 6th haircut, but her first time sitting by herself!

Very nice!!

This sweet girl doesn't look much different, but her hair is even now and lays in the sweetest little bob!

So, when it was my turn, I decided against a trim, and went for a change.  Like, an eight-inch change.  My stylist said that he cut about a year and a half's worth of hair growth! 

I didn't intend on getting that much cut off, though I have never been really attached to my hair length.  I've had it long and short, blond, brown and red.  My hair grows quickly and I only get it cut two or three times a year anyway, but, it hasn't been this short since before Brantley was born.  Almost as soon as we left the salon, though, I had a slight change in attitude.  One time in college when my one of my friends colored my hair red and black (I know it sounds craaaaaazy to those who know me now, but it's true!).  Once I was a red head, I felt much sassier, like a little more of a risk taker.  I'm not saying that I felt that much different this time, but getting a new look certainly made me feel more put together, and like I had a little bit of my old style back.  Haircuts seem to change my attitude a bit.  I had let my hair get soooo long and flat, and boring, and now all it took was a good cut to get some mojo back.  I have even blowdried it and styled it a few times since then (probably more times in the last week than in the last 6 months combined)!  It just made me take a step back and remember that just because I'm a busy, exhausted, still-chunky-from-baby-weight mama, that I can't have a bit of style and take some pride in my appearance. 
See?  Change is good!
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