Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Welcome Noodles!

We started the "Elf on the Shelf" tradition with Brantley and Grayson last year, but they were both a bit too young to really get it.  But I knew this year, since Brantley is 3 1/2, our elf, Noodles, would make quite an impact on the girls.  And boy was I right!!  I told Brantley that Noodles was coming on Sunday afternoon and after a quick refresher on who Noodles was, she was thrilled.
I told her that Noodles really dislikes dirty playrooms and bedrooms and if we wanted him to stay, then she would need to help pick up the house.  That playroom has never been so clean!  So after Grayson's nap, I got the girls dressed, and their daddy took them outside to play for a while.  And lo and behold, Noodles arrived and set up a tea party for them while they were out!

Noodles brought two of his favorite treats with him, rice krispie treats and oreos :)
Brantley's Place setting

Gracie's Place setting

Noodles must be a Goat & Lulu customer, because he decorated with the Deck the Halls Christmas Bunting! (Get it here!)

Noodles also brought a Winter Bucket List with some ideas for some fun things to do before Christmas!

Of course Noodles brought his book, and left a note for the kids.  He also got Brantley and Grayson's ornaments out from last year for them to decorate their playroom tree!

They weren't sure what to think when they first walked in, but once they realized it was a tea party, they were all in!

These girls love a good tea party!

Ben hung with Dad during the tea party :)

Little Sister loves her "tea" (aka apple juice :))

So does Big Sister!

Brantley loved decorating her tree!

Waving hi and telling Noodles thank you! :)

Gracie was helping too!
We all can't wait to see what crazy hijinks ole Noodles will be getting into this Christmas. 
 Stay tuned... :)
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