Monday, November 12, 2012

Thankful Tree

I think that Thanksgiving can be kind of a hard holiday for kids to grasp.  There is so much hype surrounding Halloween with the trick or treating, costumes and candy, and then obviously so much hype that goes along with Christmas...presents!  But for kids, Thanksgiving is not nearly as much fun with no dressing up or gifts involved!  But, it is certainly more important than Halloween, and though I don't think I can say that it's more important than celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, it's still very important. 
So with Brantley being 3, and very capable of understanding the concept of being thankful, I knew that this year I wanted to create a thankful tree with her this year.  I had some leftover tan felt from Halloween and so I freehanded a tree, cut it out and taped it right up on the wall.  I wanted her to be very aware that we have been blessed with so many things in our family, and it's very important to be aware of them and give thanks for them.
So, everyday Brantley and I cut out a leaf for her tree, and I ask her what she's thankful for.  We write in on the leaf, and she sticks it on the branch where she sees fit.  I think she's getting it, too, because when she heads to the playroom to talk with her babies and play "teacher" or play "mommy," I hear her asking her babies, "So, Hokey (or whatever nonesense name she has come up with for them that day), what are you thaknful for today?  Oh, your sister?  Oh, that's so sweet!"  Love that girl. :)
So here's what Brantley is thankful for thus far:
That Gracie is part of our family.
Monkey and My Family
Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Can't wait to hear what she's thankful for the rest of the month!

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