Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thank You, Tummy

Thank you, Tummy.  You are soft now.  You are not solid and defined like you once were.  You are squishy and malleable.  You have stretched and shrank three times, and held my precious babies fervently for me.  You don't look like you once did; you are dimpled, you are fleshy.  But you are strong. 
Thank you, Tummy.  You are a gentle place for my babies to snuggle.  You were a vessel for each of them for nine months, and they return to you for safety and comfort.  Thank you, Tummy, for reminding me every day that I am a mother and that I am not perfect.  Thank you for reminding me that I have been blessed with a body capable of carrying children.  Thank you for being a badge of honor, a sacred part of my female body.  Thank you for holding my children for me until my arms were able to. 
Thank you, Tummy.  Though you may not be the current archetype for most,  you are my proud ideal.  You are supple and representative of the family I love and have created.  You are marred and damaged to some, but you are powerful and you are mighty to me. 
You make me feel like a woman, like a mother, and though some may not, I will always find beauty in you.  Thank you, Tummy.
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