Friday, November 2, 2012

Five on Friday: My Favorite Halloween Pics

We had such a fun Halloween this year!  I thought for this week's Five on Friday, I'd post five of my favorite (many) photos from this Halloween.
My sweet little buddy is starting to smile so much!!  He had a bunch of smiles for his mama today and just about anyone else that spoke to him.  LOVING his precious little grin!
While Bennett was taking a nap, the girls and I finally made the Ghost S'mores Brownies that I had been wanting to bake, and they did not disappoint!  They were sooo good, and the girls and I had a fun time in the kitchen, :) 

Now, onto the good ones!!  My sweet little teddy bears!  The girls are blocking Bennett in this one, but I just love their sweet smiles in this picture!  They were both so excited to go trick or treating!

My three sweet little bears!  And Bennett's breaking it down there in the middle. :)

Our neighbors were nice enough to take a picture of the 5 of us!  Scott and I took a break from dressing up this year, and I think he was pretty happy about that.  But he's been a pretty good sport in the last few years, being Grover and a farmer!

Okay, and here's a bonus picture for this Five on Friday post...
Have you ever seen a cuter teddy bear?!
Have a great weekend, and welcome November!  I'm putting all my Halloween away and getting up my Thanksgiving decor!  Hooray!
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