Monday, November 5, 2012

Backyard S'mores

My husband had the best idea the other night.  I am ususally the one that comes up with fun family ideas, but I give him all the credit for this one.  We have a fire pit in the backyard, and I think this cold snap got him in the fall mood, and suggested that we fire it up, roast some marshmallows, and surprise the kids with s'mores outside!  So we planned it all day, and didn't tell them, knowing that if we did, we would be asked 400 times each hour if it was time for s'mores yet. :)
So, after dinner, I got the kids all bundled up (though it wasn't that cold), and Scott got the backyard set up and the fire going. 
The rest was one of the best family memories that we have made so far.  And it was so simple.
Daddy and his big girl :)
Ben was good and bundled up

Our awesome fire!

The big girl roasting marshmallows

SERIOUSLY, the sweetest baby in the whole world :)

Yum, s'mores!

Gracie testing out her first marshmallow

She's a fan


My girl likes chocolate better, though :)

Mommy's s'mores

Sweet Boy

Throwing leaves!

Having fun in the crisp fall air

Playing in their playhouse :)

Gracie loves her playhouse :)
We would have stayed out all afternoon if we hadn't needed to get in for baths and bedtime.  And those babies slept hard that night after such a fun afternoon.  And mama and daddy snuggled on the couch after the babies fell asleep, thinking back on the fun evening that we had, just hanging out with our beautiful babies, a campfire, graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate.
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