Monday, November 5, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness, Day 5

Day 5:
My Midkiff Family

I am so thankful for my incredible parents.  They have been married 33 years, and are both such amazing role models.  I am thankful for their love and support throughout my life, the way they love my husband and my children, and the strong relationship that I have with them now.  They mean more to me than words could ever describe.
I am also so thankful for my brother and his wife.  Ramsey and I are close in age, and I don't only think of him as a brother, but also as a very close friend.  I am thankful that he is so supportive, so honest, and I'm thankful that he married Beth.  She is his perfect mate, and they both love my children so much and would do anything for us.
I am thankful that I have so many people that love me, care about me, and always support me.
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