Sunday, November 4, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness, Day 4

Day 4:
My Sweet Bennett

My boy.  Our big surprise.  I am so thankful that we were blessed with a third child, and that that child was Baby Bennett.  I am thankful that he is an amazing baby, that though there was a lot of anxiety and nervousness throughout my pregnancy, I am SO thankful that he was perfect, came right on time and was completely healthy.  I am thankful that he is a great sleeper, a wonderful eater, and that he is a generally laid back baby.  He loves being held by his mama, and loves to sleep on my chest (heaven).  I am thankful that I am able to really enjoy him being a newborn and take advantage of all of his wonderful snuggles.  I am thankful that I have learned from Brantley and Grayson that these newborn days go by so quickly, and so I am able to ease up on schedules and routines and just enjoy these baby days.  Routines will come soon enough, and all will fall into place.  But these sweet days of baby snuggles and napping on mama are fleeting.  I am SO thankful for this sweet baby, the baby that has completed our family.
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