Friday, November 16, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 16

Day 16:
Friday Movie Night

Monday mornings, I usually have a lot of energy for the upcoming week.  I'm feeling recharged from the weekend, ready to tackle the to-do's that I have ahead of me.  But by Friday, I am wiped out.  We sleep late, we play around the house, and at 5:00, movie night begins.  I get the kids in their jammies early, we usually have pizza (in the den...gasp!), and I lay out our pillow pallets, get the boppies and quilts out, pop some popcorn, and the girls get to choose what animated movie they want to watch.
I am thankful for our wonderful Friday Movie Nights.  It gives the girls something to really look forward to (and me too!), because it's a fun change to our normal nighttime routine.  And it gives me a wonderful break on Friday evenings, because the girls are glued to the tv, watching the movie, without hardly blinking their eyes.  Some movie nights I get up and get some dishes (or something of the sort) done, sometimes I sit on the sofa and read a magazine.  But most times, I get down on the pillow pallets with the girls with Bennett in tow, sneak a bite of their popcorn, and snuggle with all of my babies. 
I am so thankful for these Friday Movie Nights, when we can slow down, decompress, and enjoy a little animated fun, and some sweet family time together. :)
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