Thursday, October 11, 2012

There's Something About Monkey

With all the excitement and newness that Bennett has brought into our household, it is easy to forget about one little boy that has been with us since the day Scott and I returned home from our honeymoon...

The one and only Monkey the Beagle.

We got our sweet Monk as a wedding gift, and he is simply the best dog that we could ever have asked for. Everyone who has ever come in contact with him adores him, and my parents often joke that he needs to come and live in the mountains with them.

Before we had human children, he was our child. He slept with us and cuddled with us on the sofa. But, as it usually happens, after Brantley was born, he moved to a bed on the floor, and his nightly snuggles in my lap were replaced with snuggles from my girl, so he laid on the floor (or on his beloved Daddy). But good 'ole Monk took it in stride and as Brantley grew, and Grayson came along, he has been a constant playmate for them. Despite pokes and pulls, smacks and slaps, he keeps his cool and lets the girls do to him what they wish with just a slight whimper when something really hurts!

Thank goodness, our dear Monkey adores the girls, and they completely adore him. It took a bit of coaching to teach the girls how to treat Monkey and what was appropriate and what wasn't (i.e. gentle petting-appropriate. Eye poking-not appropriate), but they are so good with him now and he tolerates more than his fair share. He is teaching them responsibility (both Brantley and Grayson help feed him in the mornings and evenings and help let him out during the day), and also how to treat animals with respect. And he is teaching us whay true love and loyalty is all about.

I may not give Monkey the time and attention that I used to, but he certainly means more to me now than he ever has. He is not only man's best friend, but he is a best friend to my girls.

And now to my sweet boy. :)

We sure love you, Monk. :)

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