Monday, October 15, 2012

My Favorite TV Show

We watch a lot of tv. Like, maybe too much tv. We have lots of favorite shows and shows I DVR and watch in the middle of the night when I'm feeding Ben, because Scott doesn't like them. And then there are very special shows that Scott and I have an unwritten rule about, that we can only watch those shows together.

Parenthood is one of these shows. Do you watch Parenthood? It's on NBC, Tuesday nights at 10:00, and is seriously the best show on tv, as far as I'm concerned. It focuses on the (large) Braverman family, and how they love and support each other through issues, problems and situations that all families have to weather through, good and bad. There is hardly an episode that you can't relate to in some way, and you truly laugh and cry along with different characters, nearly every single episode.

It is also one of the only shows that we don't DVR to watch later, we actually watch it at 10:00 on Tuesday nights. I look forward to my Tuesday nights with my husband and the Bravermans. I even get off my computer to watch it. That means it's REALLY good. :)

What is your favorite tv show??

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