Tuesday, October 9, 2012

If You're Having a Baby, You Need This.

With Bennett being our third child, we didn't need a bunch of new gear. Luckily, we chose to register for many gender neutral items when we were pregnant with Brantley, and they have lasted through the girls and are now being used with the baby boy. But when a friend of mine suggested that we get one of the Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleepers, that they were a "must-have" with her new twins, I figured that I'd ask for one and see how it flew with Mr. Bennett.

Chilling in the Rock and Play :)

Well, thank goodness I did, because the boy has practically lived in it since we got home!! It's a cross between a rocking chair, bouncy seat and swing. It stands up higher than a bouncy seat (it's about even with our sofas), snuggles the baby right in like a swing, and rocks back and forth. He LOVES it. Matter of fact, Scott and I have both said how nice it would be in adult form! Bennett sits in it during some of his awake times, naps in it during the day, and has slept in it at night too, in between feedings when I'd rather crash on the couch and have him within arm's reach than crawling in and out of bed! It could just about replace both the swing and the bouncy chair, since it pretty much does the same thing. It's lightweight and slides from room to room easily, plus it also folds flat for easy travel and storage!

Goooooood Nap :)

Another really great thing about the rock and play is that it's pretty inexpensive as far as baby gear items go. The best price I've seen it was about $50 on Amazon, which I think is a steal for as much as we use it. Since we were buying this for our third (and final) child, I didn't want to be spending a lot of money on something that I knew we wouldn't be using for an extended amount of time.

I know I sound like an advertisement, but seriously, it's a baby necessity as far as I'm concerned! So if you're expecting, put it on your registry. You won't be sorry! And baby will take some goooood naps!!

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  1. We got one last weekend at the shower - Hope it is as good as advertised!


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