Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Holding Mama's Hand

Bennett, like my girls, loves his pacifier already (yay!). But, he's still getting used to it when he tries to start sucking. He has several of the gumdrop pacifiers that they give you at the hospital, that mama can stick her finger in and baby can start sucking on it easier. Today, Ben was trying hard to get a good suction going, and I as I put my finger up to his paci, he grabbed a hold of my fingers with both hands, pulled them up to his paci and close to his face, and just went to town on that paci. He had such a firm grasp on my fingers, and it was just the sweetest feeling. He was holding my hand right there, making sure I didn't move, and I didn't. Not until he fell asleep and relaxed his sweet baby grip.

He certainly has a firm grip on his mama already.

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