Friday, October 26, 2012

Five on Friday: What I'm Enjoying Now That I'm Not Pregnant

Oh, how I love being pregnant. I have been SO blessed to have three great pregnancies (for the most part...NOBODY enjoys those last few swollen, big-as-a-house weeks), and I think you can really get away with a lot when you're pregnant. :) People are so nice to you, your husband is practically legally bound to help you around the house, and everyone encourages you to "eat that extra bowl of ice cream, go ahead." Gotta love that.

BUT, since our third little bundle is here, and we have decided that he will be the last (and have plans to make that permanent, if you know what I mean), I have come to terms with the fact that I will not be pregnant again. That's kind of sad in certain ways, but also kind of liberating. After I am done nursing Bennett (about a year), I will have my body back to MYSELF! I have been pregnant and/or nursing since 2008 (WOW), and this sounds fantastic to me. And though nursing limits what I can enjoy slightly (actually, keeps me from over-indulging, which is a pretty good idea anyway), for this Five on Friday, here are some of the things that I have been enjoying, that pregnancy limits, since having Ben:

1. Getting up off of the sofa easily.
It was taking some serious effort, some rocking back and forth, and/or some husbandly assistance to get up off the sofa. This was especially a pain when I would go get some delicious oreos, but leave my milk on the counter. But now, no big deal.

2. Adult Beverages
Obviously. And this would be number one, but getting up off the sofa was really a pain. Nursing limits my alcoholic intake, but I partake in a lovely glass of red wine (oh, how I missed you!) or a refreshing beer almost every day! What can I say...three kids. Enough said, right?

3. LOADS of Caffeine
Again, nursing limits this slightly, since I don't want Bennett to have the shakes first thing in the morning before he gets his first caffeine-laced breastmilk meal, but he doesn't seem to mind Mommy's coffee habit. And I did have some caffeine while I was pregnant, but pretty much only decaf coffee. I just never liked the feeling of my heartrate picking up and getting jittery while I was pregnant and overly in tune with how my body was feeling. But of course now, since I'm not growing a human in my tummy anymore, I don't mind it! And WOW, am I a nicer and much more alert mommy after a morning cup of coffee (or four).

4. Sushi
I actually have not had any sushi yet, since we haven't gone out to dinner as a party of five (buh-dum-ching!), and sushi take-out just isn't as appealing, but I completely intend on tkaing advantage of this once Scott and I are able to go out on a date. Whenever that may be. Believe it or not, there is actually a great Japanese Sushi place in Loganville that we have been to several times that we love, and we will certainly re-christen me into the world of raw fish and wasabi before too much longer.

5. Sleeping on My Back!
After you're 20 weeks pregnant or so, you're not supposed to sleep on your back for fear that your growing uterus can put pressure on a major blood vessel (or artery? or vein? I'm not sure) and restrict blood flow to the baby. So I, who's normally a religious back-sleeper, had to toss and turn all night, switching from my left side to my right side, back and forth, all night long. I sleep so much better on my back, and though my sleep is interrupted when I am woken up to feed a sweet baby, that good sleep that I get in between is so much better. Hooray for good sleep!

Happy Friday and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. I love your list! I could write one of these, and might just steal this idea! Brooks has a caffine sensativity and dairy protein allergy and my supply dried up from pumping so now I am 100% to indulge in whatever I want...there has been WAY too much cheese eaten since Sunday.

    1. LOL, thanks! :) I have been lucky with all the babies not having any allergies or tummy sensitivities, I'm sure that is extremely frustrating! And you should totally do your own list! :)


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