Friday, October 5, 2012

Five on Friday: Fave Instagram Photos

I have, of course, gotten my nice camera out tons these last two weeks, taking picture after picture of my sweet boy and his darling sisters. But, my phone is practically attached to my hand at all times, so most of the photo documentation has been done with the good 'ole cell phone camera. So, I have been posting bunches of pics of the littles on Instagram, and I thought I'd share my five favorite instagram photos from this week for my Five on Friday today. :)

1. You gotta love it when the two sweet babies take naps simultaneously while big sister is at school. Mama gets a break, woo-hoo!

2. Sweet kisses and snuggles at 3am :)

3. A good nap in the backyard on a blanket while we enjoyed this beautiful fall weather! The fresh air was good for everyone. :)

4. The girls thought it was so much fun to get in baby brother's crib to play for a minute. Look at those smiles! :)

5. My sweet boy is spending more and more time awake during the day and it's so much fun. He is so laid back and just a dream baby. :)

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