Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3 Weeks

So cliche, I know, but wow, how time is FLYING! In some ways, I cannot believe that Bennett is already 3 weeks old! But in other ways, I feel like he should be 3 months old, not 3 weeks! So here's what's been going on around here the past few weeks:

-Bennett is a pound over his birth weight!! So proud of my boy! I weighed him yesterday before his bath (I bought a baby scale for $10 on a whim at a consignment store after Brantley was born, best baby purchase ever!), and he was 8 pounds, 13 ounces, up from 7 pounds 11 ounces at birth! I knew he was getting bigger, since he was getting too long for newborn and onesies. Growing boy!!

-Breastfeeding is going as well as it has with the other two at first, rocky. At first I was thinking that he was going to do better than the girls, but latching has been an issue again. But no big deal. I am a pumping machine and am actually producing about one and a half times the amount of milk that he is drinking per feeding, so I am producing plenty for him and freezing TONS. Ben is a fantastic eater (hence the weight gain!), takes a bottle like a champ and he's loving mama's milk. Gotta love that. We'll get more consistent with nursing, as I did with both girls, as he gets a little older.

-I pretty much live in yoga pants, a nursing tank, and my drapey gray Target cardigan 24/7. I average a shower every 2 days. Pretty gross, I know, but I'm not so concerned about it right now! Spray-in dry shampoo is awesome and I keep extra makeup in the car in case I need to look presentable for the carpool line or the fast food drive-thru! :)

-I have TRULY not meant to do this, but a lot of days, I really completely forget to eat. After Grayson was born, I remember feeling like I was STARVING all the time, but this time, it must be that I am so busy with the kids that it can really be 2:00 and I realize that all I have had is coffee. I need to buy more handy, healthy snacks and meal options from the store so I can easily grab something to eat when I have a minute!

-The girls are AMAZING with Bennett. They love him so much, and are always "petting" him (as Brantley says), wanting to hold him, give him his paci, and feed him. When he cries, they both come running to get me, or try to give him his paci themselves! Brantley is such a little mama, and talks to him all the time, read him books, and tell him how cute he is. :) Grayson loves to rock him in his rocker, stare at him, and pat him on the head. They haven't shown the slightest bit of resentment or jealousy towards him. Thank goodness!

-That being said, they both have definitely been testing me lately. :) I'm not sure if it's a lack of patience on my end, or if they both are just acting out a bit with the change of a new sibling. Plus, though I wouldn't say I'm "sleep deprived," I am tired during the day, which contributed to my lack of patience. And with it being difficult to pack up all three kids and go somewhere rigght now, I think they're probably feeling a little bored and cooped up. But, we've been venturing out more, and walking and playing outside more, and hoping that helps. And any advice is welcome!

-As if I didn't know it before, I have the greatest and most supportive family and friends. My fantastic in-laws were here right when we got home to help with the girls, and my mom was here the whole week after they left. We have had family and friends visiting, bringing lunch, bringing dinner, neighbors with food and gifts, and it has been so wonderful. I have been working on thank you notes constantly! It is so humbling and comforting to know that so many people are so happy for us, care about us and love our sweet boy!

We have certainly had our fair share of challenging days, but overall, things are going well for our sweet family of five. We are still working on a consistent routine (though we are in no hurry), but Bennett has fallen right in with our crazy family cadence. And we are so thankful for everyday together!

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