Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Week Ago

Hard to believe that my new baby, my sweet boy is already a week old. Here's a photo documentation of Bennett's birthday. :)

39 Weeks, and ready to go into the hospital!

Last pic as a family of 4.

Waiting to get my epidural. Feeling good! :)

Meeting our son for the first time. :)

Our beloved daughters meeting their brother for the first time.

The girls opening their Big Sis bags. :)

Biggest Sister holding her little brother for the first time.

Proud Daddy :)

Our crazy little family of five :) :) :)

His stats

And now, the baby:

We are, of course, completely in love with our sweet Bennett. MANY more pictures to come... :)

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  1. well now, i officially need me a baby boy! :)
    and i completely cried through this post...these pictures are BEAUTIFUL and so are your babies! LOVE the ones of the whole fam looking down at baby bennett. and the girls - oh! just way too precious. looks like baby bennett has three momma's to look after him ;)

    1. Yes you do, Amy!! Thank you so much! The ones of all of us looking at Bennett are definitely my favorites. I remember that moment so well (even though it was just a wekk ago!), and remember how happy it made me. :) And he certainly has three mamas! Brantley told me yesterday, "Mama, I have to tee-tee. Will you watch Bennett for me?" Ha!! :)


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