Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mama Style: J. Crew Bubble Necklace

Image from J.Crew

I fell head-over-heels in love with the now infamous J.Crew Bubble Necklace way back when I saw it the first time on the website. The color options, the styling options, but oh, yeah, the $150 price tag? Not gonna happen on this mama's budget. So, I let it go.

Well, thank goodness for knock-offs, because now I can hardly log on to Facebook without another boutique running a special deal to get the necklace in 25 color choices for $15! I bought a turquoise version and a red one back in late June on ebay, and have been wearing them pretty much every opportunity I have! But now, with fall coming, I wanted some fresh ideas on how to wear my beloved necklaces (since I'll be getting out all the time with my three kids, and all... :)). So here are three casual outfits and three dressy outfits that I created through Polyvore that are giving me some inspiration for pulling together a cute, on-trend and mama-friendly ensemble for the cooler weather!

Casual 1: Daytime Playdate

Daytime Playdate

I think this is a cute way to wear the necklace in a very casual, yet put-together way. I am a huge fan of striped t shirts, and think the navy and white striped classic t is updated a bit in this drapey-swingy style (and perfect for my soon to be post-baby body!). Add some cute neutral ballet flats and simple earrings, and this outfit would be perfect for running errands or meeting for a mama and baby playdate!

Casual 2: Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

Another casual look, but with the boots, this screams pumpkin patch or apple picking to me! I would typically not put a statement necklace over a button up shirt, but I have seen it a few times and think that since this necklace is a little bit longer, that it works.

Casual 3: Fall Festival

Fall Festival

This outfit definitely has a more bohemian look to it, but is still cute and kid friendly! And the necklace adds some color and a bit of polish to a very laid back look. I would picture wearing this to a fall arts and crafts festival or a food and wine fair!

Dressy 1: Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch

This might be my very favorite one! This outfit would be so cute for brunch or mani-pedis out with your friends (if you are so lucky!!), or to a movie, or shopping! I love the idea of mixing patterns, and since the polka dot and the leaopard are not right up against each other, it's a bit more subtle, even though they are not subtle patterns! And though I still like skinny jeans and pants, I also really like bell bottoms, especially ones that are not high-waisted per se, but definitely hit at your natural waist rather than your hips. I think it makes a short gal like me look taller and longer, plus, it will help camoflage a baby belly!

Dressy 2: Mama's Night Out

Mama's Night Out

I clearly love me some leopard, and this outfit is no exception. Go out for a drink with your girlfriends (or your husband!!) in this sassy ensemble. And though I am in love with these shoes, I would need some major practice walking in them since I never wear heels this high anymore! Doesn't mean you shouldn't every once in a while, though... :)

Dressy 3: Date Night

Date Night

Love this outfit (gorgeous dress!!) for an anniversary dinner, or to a wedding, when you need something tasteful and simple, but with some flair. The necklace adds color and attention to your face but doesn't take away from the elegance of the dress. And three cheers for you if you have an occasion to wear something like this to!

I hope you have gotten some inspiration from these outfits, and and check out my Outfit Inspiration Board on Pinterest to see more ideas on how to wear statement necklaces!

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  1. I love this necklace too! I splurged on the J Crew turquoise and have worn it a lot. I think it's a bit fun and funky but there is something classic about it also. Plus, it's super easy to throw it on and jazz up an outfit.

  2. By the way, these outfits are cute and I wish I had some of these pieces!!!

    1. I know, I wish I had some of them too! I tried to incorporate some items that I do have in each outfit, so that maybe I can get a few things and actually replicate some of these! :)


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