Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Large and In Charge- 38 Weeks

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant and I...

...didn't think we'd even make it this far! Doesn't it figure that we were so afraid that I would go into premature labor, and here I am, pretty much preparing for induction. :) But, there is NO doubt that I would rather be in the position I'm in. :)

...get heartburn everyday. I'm popping tums constantly. This kid is gonna have a headfull of hair.

...have pretty much finished Bennett's nursery! Not that it was completely necessary for it to be 100% done when we arrived, but it's a big relief. I will probably be posting pics next week or soon after he's born! having some very uncomfortable backpain...which is one thing that I hadn't experienced while I was pregnant with the girls. No bueno. pretty much only comfortable in dresses and one pair of leggings. And my pair of pajama pants that I have had since high school that could literally fall apart at any moment. I'm afraid to throw them away until after the baby for fear that they may end up being the only pajama pants that I can tolerate. finally getting some swelling in my hands and feet. NOTHING like the swelling I had with Brantley (thank goodness!), but just a little bit. I had to take all but one of my wedding rings off. :(

...pee about 900 times a day.

...shuffle back and forth between feeling totally ready to meet our sweet boy and feeling completely unprepared for a newborn. I seriously have been repeating positive affirmations so I don't get overwhelmed with everything going on!

...always go into Bennett's room after I check on the girls before I go to bed. I did this with both girls when I was pregnant with each of them, just sit in there and look at everything, refold onesies, move around pillows and stuffed animals (the ones Brantley and Grayson haven't already moved out :), and think about Bennett. I love his room, and taking it all in just sort of calms me and makes me focus on the amazing blessing that we are about to receive. Again. really looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my sweet family of four (maybe our last!). completely shocked that I am really at the end of my last pregnancy. I'm pretty much ready to have this baby and ready to get back to my normal self, but am also really going to miss being pregnant. I have been SO blessed with such wonderful pregnancies, and I really am one of those ridiculous women that truly love being pregnant (right up until about now). I will miss the incredible feeling of your baby moving, that only a mama can feel. I will miss the 9 month long excuse for taking it easy. :) And people are so nice to pregnant women, and always want to strike up conversations with you. I find this so charming and lovely (unless they ask you, "are you sure there's only one on there?" which really irks me).

...will probably not be giving another pregnancy update until the little man IS HERE. Unbelieveable to even type out. I cannot wait to see his sweet face. So wish me good luck for my remaining time with child, and keep us in your prayers!

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