Monday, September 10, 2012

Keeping it Real: Slacking on the Housework

I like to think that I'm pretty productive. I definitely keep myself busy during the day with the girls, getting organizing projects done before the baby arrives, working on Bennett's nursery, and finishing various sewing and craft projects (among MANY other things).

THAT BEING SAID...I do not want to paint a picture of myself as a super mom, because I am SOOOO far from it! I am terrible (especially as of late) at keeping the housework up and maintained (even with the girls helping out with their cleaning kits!). And as proof, I have decided to take some pictures and show you the behind-the-scenes of our daily life. Yikes...

This is our living room as of about 10 minutes ago. Scooter on the floor, toys and pillows scattered, random shoes not put away, bath towel on the floor from a spill Brantley cleaned up. Worst part, is this is nothing compared to the way our floor looks a lot of the time. I definitely will blame this on being pregnant, though, because I am getting to at the point where bending over to pick something up is truly a decision worth thinking long and hard about. I may or may not be able to get back up, so a lot of the time I push things to the side with my feet. Hopefully I will be able to keep the living room better cleaned up after the baby comes. But let's be honest, it will probably look just the same.

Now, our playroom is in a constant state of disarray, and today is no exception. Have you ever heard that saying, "I get the most cleaning done 10 minutes before company arrives?" Yeah, the playroom gets cleaned about 10 minutes before we have guests come over, and that's about it. Ususally I just shut the door and pretend it's not there.

Oh, my nemesis. The dishes. As much as I love to cook, I equally hate to do the dishes. This is a good 3 days worth stacked up in the sink. When the girls run out of sippy cups, I'll get them done. To some, this is probably totally disgusting, and I pretty much agree. But, I will do every last chore in the house before I will do the dreaded dishes.

Here is our huge, neverending stack of clean clothes that just need to be put away. I don't mind doing the laundry, but I don't love to put away clothes. I am pretty good about staying on top of the girls clothes, but mine and Scott's I really slack on. And oh yeah, that's our unmade bed in the background. With nothing on the walls. After I get the nursery done, the girls room decorated, the kitchen redone, the bathroom and living room finished, I will probably redecorate the bedroom. So, like, 6 or 7 years from now. :)

This is just a taste of the household chores I sacrifice to play with, interact with and love on two of my favorite little people, and do other projects that give me far more satisfaction than cleaning. I think I have embarrassed myself enough for today, and will save the other pictures for another time! :)

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  1. Hey, you're a normal mom. Even as a perfectionist, I have to admit my house looks like this more times than I'd like. Dishes being stacked up for days has most definitely happened, toys scattered throughout the house (well that's a given for anyone with a toddler who never stops no matter how many times you go behind them straightening up, and laundry...well it's never ending with a toddler and a husband in the military who is constantly changing clothes and uniforms for this meeting or that PT session. Ugh. (Only 10 more years in the military to go). So in other words, you're doing a great job and the mess is proof that you are making memories with your family. Keep up the amazing work and best wishes on the upcoming arrival of Mr. Bennett!

  2. Hi Amanda, I have just been introduced to your blog through my daughter, Savannah. I saw this post and wanted to thank you for making all the other moms in the world feel better. I used to wonder if other mothers were still in their pjs at 3:00 in the afternoon, since it seemed I always was when I had a newborn. And, seemed that the only time my house got cleaned was when someone called and said they were on their way. Then, seemed I only moved stuff from one room to another and shut the door. You look like an amazing mom and you are doing an awesome job making a house a home for your family -- building those memories. :)
    Joyce Sandusky

    1. Thank you so much for the comment, Mrs. Sandusky. We just adore Savannah, and our girls do too. :) I think it's easy to show the glamourous and fun sides of being a mom through a blog, and edit out the dirty side, but it's equally important to show that side too! And it's good to hear comments like yours from other moms that confirm my suspicions that I'm not the only one still in my pjs! :) Thanks again, and thank you for reading! :)


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