Friday, September 7, 2012

Five on Friday: My Monogram Obsession

Ever since I got engaged, I have had a complete obsession with monograms. We incorporated our new monogram into our wedding invitation, our wedding cake, my jewelry, my bridesmaids jewelry, and of course in plenty of gifts that we registered for! And it hasn't dwindled at all over the past 6 years, and has only gotten worse with the birth of my children (and girls make it even worse!). I collect "L's" and we have them all over the house, not to mention all the monogrammed sheets, pillowcases, bags, wallets, dresses for the girls, picture frames, you name it! I completely agree with this quote from Reece Witherspoon:

"My sheets are monogrammed, so is my silverware, and pretty much everything else I own. My rule is, if it's not moving, monogram it."

So here are my top 5 monogrammed items on my "Want" list:

1. Wooden Home Decor Monogram

A friend of mine from high school owns Picket Fence Creations on Etsy, and makes these big beautiful wooden monograms for home decor. The problem is, I want them EVERYWHERE! I want one for my front door instead of a wreath, I want one for my vintage window hanging in my kitchen, one for the bedroom, one for each of the girls, the list goes on!! Maybe I'll just get one and rotate it about the house... :)

2. GORGE Monogram Necklace

I have been obsessed with this neacklce from Max & Chloe for sometime now. If you didn't know, me and personalized jewelry are like peas and carrots, and I'm just a lonely little ole pea waiting for my gold monogrammed carrot. :)

3. Monogrammed Cuff Ring

From Monogram Lane

LOVING this monogrammed cuff ring. Sure would look pretty with the necklace... :)

4. Monogrammed Overnight Bag

From Marley Lilly

Another thing I am slightly obsessed with is a good tote bag! We love a good weekend getaway, and a slightly oversized overnight bag is always my favorite way to travel. So, naturally, it would need my monogram on it too. :)

5. Classic Monogrammed Notecards

From Livvy Press on Etsy

I put "personalized notecards" on my Christmas list every single year. I just love having beautiful stationary on hard for thank you notes, or to just drop a note in the mail to a friend. I think hanwritten notes are so charming, and a pretty monogrammed card makes them even better. :)

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