Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cleaning Kits for the Girls

I hate to clean. I love having a clean house, and when it's clean I like to keep it that way, but the actual process and the work that goes into cleaning, I find absolutely no joy in. But when I saw this idea on pinterest, to create a cleaning kit for your kids, I thought, now that's a good idea. Not only can I maybe make cleaning a fun learning activity for my girls, but maybe I can get a little help with the housework (I'm kind of kidding, but kind of serious :))!!

So I headed out to my favorite dollar store, The Dollar Tree. I picked up 5 simple things for each kit: a bucket, a spray bottle (and filled it with only water, no actual cleaning solution), a scrub brush, a swiffer-type duster, and a kitchen towel. I also added a kids apron to each kit that I already had at home. But I spent a whopping $5 for each kit for the girls. And to say that they completely loved it was an understatement!

Brantley really got into using the spray bottle, while Gracie was more intereted in scrubbing every surface with the scrub brush. I had to keep telling Brantley to wipe up "the spray" with her towel before she sprayed more, but she just kept spraying and spraying, getting our foyer floor nice and clean. :)

Grayson tried to show Monkey how to use he scrub brush too, but he wasn't quite as interested. :)

The girls literally played with the cleaning kits the rest of the day. I actually had to take them away from the girls to eat dinner and Brantley cried, whining, "but Mommy, I don't want dinner, I want to cleeeeean!!" And the next morning, the very first thing Brantley said was not, "good morning," or "hey mommy," it was, "I want to clean!"

At least Brantley moved onto a room that really needed some cleaning, the playroom! I don't think her play kitchen has ever been cleaner!

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