Monday, September 3, 2012

Chopped: Preschool Snack Edition

We love the Food Network show, Chopped. If you are unfamiliar with it, pretty much 4 chefs open a basket of 4 secret ingredients that they have to make a dish with. Most of the time the ingredients do not seem to go together at all, yet they have to come up with something appetizing for the judges.

So...for Brantley's new preschool class, each child (child's mom, to be more accurate) is responsible for bringing snacks for everyone a couple of times a month. Wouldn't it just be our luck that Brantley's first turn was the second day of school?! So, I found out the previous Thursday, at open house when I got the snack schedule, that our first snack day was this past Wednesday. With everything going on, of course, I completely forgot until Tuesday evening, once the girls were in bed, and I was looking over my to-do list. GREAT. I had ZERO interest in going to the grocery store. I really didn't even want to ask Scott to go for me. I was going to have to figure out something from my pantry and fridge, my own "Chopped Basket."

Currently, our cupboards are pretty bare. Scott is doing most all of the grocery shopping lately since taking both girls into the grocery store while 8+ months pregnant is no easy task for me. So all the fun snacks and extras that I would usually pick up from the store (that would make creating a fun and cute preschool snack pretty easy) we didn't have. I opened the fridge and we had leftover casseroles, 5 cups of yogurt, 3 slices of watermelon, tons of condiments, and a variety of random cheeses, breakfast items, jellies and jams, and NOTHING that would easily make a good snack. Especially for 14 preschoolers! BUT, I was reminded of a cute snack idea that I had seen on pinterest, a little fruit kabob. Granted we only had those 3 slices of watermelon and some mandarin oranges, not exactly great for fruit kabobs, and certainly not enough for 14 kids, but I was going to stick with the kabob idea. We had some leftover ham slices from our dinner, and we had a half of a block of monterrey jack cheese. We also had some pickle slices (one of Brantley's favorites!) and I knew that I had our snack!

I had some leftover lollipop sticks from Brantley's birthday party, so I cut the block of cheese into little chunks, and sliced the ham into long strips. I threaded the cheese onto the stick, then the ham, then another chunk of cheese, and finished it off with two pickles slices. And put each little kabob in a snack size ziploc bag. Ta-dah! I took a look in the pantry and we had a box of Wheat Ritz Crackers that had yet to be opened (I think they had been hiding behind the oreos :)), so I added several crackers to each of the ziploc bags. Snack complete!

I thought for the absolute crap that we had as far as food goes in our home, that this was a pretty creative and decent snack! I felt like I had just finished my appetizer on Chopped, but I'm pretty sure my judges are much more critical than the ones on tv, the 14 preschoolers that sampled my dish!!

What are your kids favorite snacks? I need to compile a snack resource so I won't get stuck in this predicament again!

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  1. Absolutely cute idea!! Been there with the late reminder of snack...mine is at LES.


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