Monday, September 17, 2012

Big Sister Bags

I saw the cutest idea a couple of months back on pinterest (where else?) that I knew I just had to recreate for when Bennett was born. These adorable Sibling Tote Bags for Big Sisters and Big Brothers to proudly carry (and have fun treats in) for when the baby is born.

From Ducks in a Row

Well, here we are, only 1 week from my due date (WHAAAAAA???) and I finally put together Brantley and Grayson's "Big Sister Bags" for when they come to the hospital to meet their new baby brother!

I bought some canvas tote bags and with some scrap fabric, I cut out "BIG SIS" for both of their bags, and ironed them on using my trusty heat 'n bond adhesive. I was going to sew it on too, but I couldn't really manuever my sewing machine on the bag since it was obviously already assembled, but the heat 'n bond holds well enough that you don't even need the embroidery (but, if I had made the bags myself, which I did consider, but didn't want to give myself that much more work, I would've stitched the letters on too).

I wanted to get them just a couple of special things for their bags, and a few toys/games to occupy them while they're at the hospital with us (but being watched by our families). But I didn't want to just fill their bags up with a bunch of cheap toys that will just end up broken and scattered across the playroom floor when we got home (have you seen this post?? Not trying to make it worse), so here's what I decided to include in their bags:

She She Made Silhouette Big Sister Shirts (seen here!!)
Squeeze Bottle Juice
Boxed Milk
Coloring Book
Activity/Learning Book
Reading Book
Baby Doll
Disposable Camera (not pictured)
A Sweet Card from their new brother (not pictured)

I definitely wanted to include their cute shirts in the bag, and a few books, crayons, and a baby doll to play with if they needed to quiet time. And snacks and drinks are, of course, a given for my girls. I also thought a camera would be a cute idea, so they could document the day from their perspective. Brantley has a real Fisher Price toddler camera at home, but I don't want to risk leaving it at the hospital, so I'm thinking a disposable one will do. And Grayson's may come out as nothing but blurry pictures of the floor, but you never know! And you certainly can't give big sister something and not give one to little sister. :) And the Big Sister Bags are going to be gifts to them from Baby Bennett, so we will include a card to each of the girls "from" Bennett.

I think the girls will enjoy having a gift of their own while we're welcoming a brand new gift into the family!

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  1. I love this idea. Too cute! The silhouette tshirts are especially adorable.


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