Monday, August 27, 2012

Surprise Birthday for Pop!

Scott's Dad turns 60 on September 10th, and a couple of months ago, we decided with the rest of Scott's immediate family, that we wanted to throw him a big surprise party for his birthday! With a baby coming, a handful of other September birthdays and football season on the horizon, choosing a weekend was tough, but we decided on this past Saturday.

We had 60 of Pop's closest friends and family at the Aiken Golf Club, and man, was he surprised when he walked in with Scott's mom, thinking it was a party for another one of their friends! He was shocked, but once his 6 grandkids came running up yelling "Happy Birthday!" it was evident that he was beyond thrilled. :)

He and Scott's mom had just celebrated their 38th anniversary the day before, and had bought her a new wedding ring set to give to her as a surprise that night. Since he obviously had not known about the party, he went right along with his plan and gave her the rings and presented it to her, along with a poem that he had written, in front of all 60 people at the party! It was such a touching moment, and definietly added to the love at the party!

Scott was a master MC, and gave a touching speech about his dad, which was followed by a slideshow of pictures of Pop throughout his life. There was hardly a dry eye in the place after seeing all the wonderful family memories, and then all the touching stories and speeches made by Pop's family and friends. Here are some more pictures of the fantastic evening!

My Sweet Gracie

Nana getting hugs from Brantley and Banks

Pop and Nana watching the slideshow

Pop looking at his birthday gift that his 6 grandchildren took part in creating...

...A flag made with their handprints and footprints!

Pop doing one of his favorite things...telling stories. :)

It was a wonderful party celebrating a wonderful man. We love you, Pop! Happy 60th Birthday!!

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  1. wonderful it is to read this blog. You described everything very's nice to re-live the party again. It was a time I will never forget. You are just so creative and talented with all the things you do and say. What a compliment to your husband too for picking you as his wife. The slide show that Scott put together is something too I will always cheerish and my family will always have. I cannot thank you enough for all the things you and Scott have done for me. With love and admiration, POP

    1. You are just too sweet! :) We were happy to throw the party, and it was a night that we will all remember. We are so glad that you enjoyed it; you definitely deserved it! We love you!


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