Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nursery DIY Week: Tutorial-Fabric Covered Picture Frame Mats

Thanks for returning to Nursery DIY Week! I hope you have enjoyed the tutorials thus far. Onto today's project, the Fabric Covered PIcture Frame Mat!

I found this SUUUUUPER cute print on pinterest several months ago, before I was really even looking hard for nursery ideas. I knew that if we ended up having a boy, I really wanted to use it in the nursery somehow.

Print from Society 6

Fast forward however many months later, and I ordered the print for Baby Bennett's room! It's going to be really cute with the navy, royal, aqua and reds in the nursery, and add a few more colors too. I wanted to frame it for the gallery wall that's going over the changing table, but when I put it in the white frame I was planning on using, it looked pretty dull. The print, clearly, is on white paper, the frame is white, and the mat is white too. I wasn't giving me the pop of color that I wanted. SOO...with some leftover fabric I decided to cover the mat and it DEFINITELY gave me the shock of color that I wanted for the wall. It was SO easy and made such an impact. Here's how I did it!

What You Need:

Picture Frame with Mat (my frame is an 11x14, and the mat fits inside and frames an 8x10 picture)

Print being used (duh)

Scrap fabric, you need it just a bit bigger than your mat

hot glue gun and glue sticks



1. Take the mat out of your frame and place face down on the wrong side of your fabric. I cute the fabric with about a 1/3" extra on each side.

2. Then, I cut out the fabric in the open center of the mat, again, leaving about 1/3" extra. In each of the corners, I made a diagonal cut so that the fabric would fold over easier and look nice and clean.

3. After your fabric is cut and ready to go, start hot gluing the edge of your mat, and fold the fabric over. Do the outside and the inside, and slightly pulling so that the fabric is taught against the mat.

4. Flip it over and make sure the fabric is smooth against the mat, and pull away any stray threads and/or fibers.

5. And tah-dah, you're done! And how easy was that?! And it looks SO awemuch better than a boring ole' white mat and white frame. Literally took 10 minutes from assembling everything I needed to hanging it up!

I can't wait to get the entire gallery wall compelted and hung up!

Check back this afternoon for a glance at a SUPER sweet and SIMPLE baby quilt, and
come back tomorrow for an awesome (and EASY) crib bedding tutorial!!

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  1. This does seem easy! I will have to try this!

  2. Love this idea and plan on doing it for my baby girl! Thanks for the tutorial!


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