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Nursery DIY Week: Tutorial- DIY Crib Skirt

Thank you for returning to Nursery DIY Week! To finish off the tutorials for the week, I have for you a SUPER easy DIY crib skirt! If this is your first baby you're making this for, congratulations on saving AT LEAST $50!!! And if this is your second, or THIRD, like me, and you haven't made your own bedding or crib skirt before, you will be cursing the names of Pottery Barn Kids, Land of Nod and Restoration Hardware Baby and Child for charging so much for something SO simple.

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So, I did want to add a smidge of flair and color to my crib skirt, so here is a tutorial for a basic 3 sided velcro-on crib skirt. I did it this way for 2 reasons. 1) In Bennett's nursery's case (and in most cases, I would think) the crib is going up against the wall. It will always be up againt the wall. No need to make 4 sides when there will never be a time that the fourth side will be seen. And 2) I can also save fabric by just adding velcro to the top of the crib skirt and attaching it to the mattress spring and velcro-ing it on! Plus, it is always straight! Even after you have to change sheets 3 times in the middle of the night. You're not having to readjust the skirt (that never seems to fit right anyway) making sure it looks right. And when you move the mattress down once sweet baby starts getting bigger, you can just rip it off, hem it, and stick it right back on. Easy! Anyway, here we go...


Fabric-(Duh) I used a main fabric and an accent fabric. As far as what size you need, I would HIGHLY recommend that you measure your crib skirt FIRST. I read several tutorials online, and EACH ONE gave different measurements. But if you really want to wing it, here's how and what I cut:

-The sides of my crib were 27" (plus a little bit of back wrap around so you couldn't see right where it ended), and the drop from the bottom of the mattress spring (on the higest setting) to the floor was 15". So adding in seam allowances, I cut 2 pieces of the MAIN fabric 28"x16".
-The front of my crib was 45" with the same 15" drop. For this particular crib skirt, you want 2 front panels in the main fabric, and 1 panel in the accent fabric. So again, to provide for seam allowances, I cut 2 pieces of the MAIN fabric 23.5"x16" and 1 piece of the ACCENT fabric 9"x16".
-To summarize:
(2) pieces of main fabric 28"x16"
(2) pieces of main fabric 23.5"x16"
(1) piece of accent fabric 9"x16"

Stick-on Velcro- Again, you want to measure your crib for an exact measurement on this. I bought 108" worth of velcro, which was 4 packages.

Sewing machine, thread, notions, etc.

You really could do this entire project no-sew by using the iron-on hem tape that I have heard a lot about. I heard it works great for crib skirts, hemming curtains, etc, I just haven't tried it. Let me know if you attempt this project with the tape and how it turns out!

SO... Here's how you do it!

1. Measure your crib and cut your fabric. Again, each crib is slightly different, and if you want an exact, custom fit, I would recommend measuring your own crib. Or, use my measurements from above.

2. On all 4 MAIN fabric pieces, hem all four sides of the panel. Fold over a 1/4" and press, then fold over another 1/4" and pin. This is definitely the most tedious and time consuming part of the entire thing, but it does look nice. Once you have all 4 main fabric pieces pinned, sew them up. On the accent fabric piece, you really only need to hem the top and bottom of the piece (the (2) 9" sides). The other 2 sides will not be seen since the'll be under and between the main fabric panels. So do the same as the main fabric, fold over 1/4" and press, then fold over another 1/4" press and pin. Then sew the seam shut.

So now your side pieces are done (EASY!), and you just need to sew the front panel together.

3. So, the accent fabric is going to be seen by folding back the 2 main fabric panels slightly. Lay the accent fabric on the table (or floor, in my case), and place the two man fabric panels on top, meeting in the center of the accent fabric. Then fold the two panels back and under, from the center but keeping them touching at the top, and pin it all in place.

And HELLO Baby Bennett! Think he likes mama's right uterine side?? :)

4. Start sewing the accent panel to the main fabric panels. I didn't really want them to be flapping and seperate, so I sewed them together in a couple places. First, and the top of the panel, I sewed right over the hem, where the accent panel and the main fabric panels were attached, all the way across the top.

Then, I sewed three small seams at the very, very top of the fabric, where the accent fabric started, ended, and then right where the three panels all met in the center.

5. Then, I sewed in place the fold where I folded back the main fabric to display the accent fabric. You can make it as big or small a peek-a-boo as you wish, just sew it right down in place.

Admire your pretty front panel! Your sewing is done!

6. So onto the velcro-ing. I stuck the fuzzy side of the velcro onto the crib mattress spring. I tried to figure out if one was better suited than the other, but really just stopped thinking, and grabbed one and started sticking it on.

Another great thing about making your own crib skirt is that with a store-bought crib skirt, it always gets stuck up on the littel lever that holds the mattress spring at the correct level on each corner. That never looks nice, and rumples up your pretty crb skirt. But making your own, I just didn't put any velcro there and avoided it, thus avoiding a hang up there!

7. So once the velcro is in place on the spring, go ahead and stick it right onto the panels. I allowed a tiny bit of space at the top, ensuring that you wouldn't be able to see any of the mattress spring when you stick it on.

8. Stick on your panels, and you are DONE!!!

How simple and cute your little crib skirt looks! And you would NEVER know that it only has three sides and velcros on!

Everything is really starting to come together. :) I CAN'T WAIT to have everything done to see what the final nursery looks like!!

So I hope the tutorial made sense to you and that you'll try this super cute and easy crib skirt for yourself!

And THANK YOU again, for joining me for Nursery DIY Week! I have one more treat later, so check back!!

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