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Nursery DIY Week: Tutorial-Changing Pad Cover and Crib Sheet

Thanks for coming back to Nursery DIY Week! Hope you have enjoyed the tutorials thus far. :) On the docket today, how to make your very own Changing Pad Cover and Crib Sheet!

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When I started looking for bedding for Baby Bennett, I looked in the usual places, but wasn't finding anything that I was really falling in love with. Or, maybe I should say I found some things, but wasn't willing to pay $30 for a crib sheet this time! Call me cheap, but I have been trying to assemble this nursery for as little as I could but still have it look super cute. So I found some fabric that I LOVED, scooped it up, and started looking for sewing tutorials!

Crib Sheet #1- Sarah Jane Children at Play-On the Go Aqua

Crib Sheet #2- Michael Miller Bunting Scallop-Retro

I found this tutorial from MADE, one of my favorite sewing/crafting blogs. It is the ultimate crib sheet tutorial, and very easy to follow directions. So my tutorial is pretty much completely based off of Dana's from MADE.

After I knew it would be super easy to make a crib sheet, I thought I'd try a changing pad cover too. Why not?! Why pay $25 when I could make it in 30 minutes for $9? So I bought some more fabric and got started.

I found this tutorial from Prudent Baby, another great baby blog. Again, a good tutorial, and mine is based off of this one (got to give credit where credit is due, right?).

The GREAT part about this tutorial is that it's 2-in-1. You make the changing pad cover EXACTLY the same way you make a crib sheet! The ONLY difference is the amount of material that you use. Awesome! So once you master one (and you truly only need beginner sewing skills to master this!), go ahead and cut up some more fabric, because you'll be ready to make the other!

I didn't take pictures when I made the crib sheets, so the pictures that I have are from the changing pad cover I made. And in this case, I used two different fabrics (a main fabric and an accent fabric) to make the changing pad cover. I'll explain how to make it with one or two fabrics.

SO...Here's what you need!!

For the 2 Fabric Changing Pad Cover:
Accent Fabric- 17.5"x32"
Main Fabirc- 30.5"x32"
36" of 1/4" elastic


For a 1 Solid Fabric Changing Pad Cover:
Main Fabric- 47.5"x32" (extra half an inch above is for the seam allowance when you sew the two fabrics together)
36" of 1/4" elastic


For the Crib Sheet:
Main Fabric- 45"x67" (if your fabric is only 44" wide, like mine was, no problem, 44" still fits fine on a standard crib mattress and covers it completely)
80" of 1/4" elastic

And here's how you make them!

1. Cut out your fabric. If you're making the 2 fabric changing pad, you'll have 2 rectangles, and you need to place them right side up, with the 32" sides side by side. And obviously, with the single changing pad cover or the crib sheet, you'll have 1 big rectangle. You need to cut 8" squares out of the outside corners of the large rectangle.

2. If you're making the 2 fabric changing pad, place the fabric right sides together along the 32" sides, and sew up that seam, and press the seam out.

3. Now, on the outside corners (where you cut the 8" squares out), you want to put the right sides together and sew them up to make the corner "pockets" for the changing pad cover/sheet.

Now you have your pockets! Continue on each of the four corners.

Starting to look like a changing pad cover (or crib sheet, of course!)!

4. Now it's time to make the casing for the elastic. I don't have a serger, so I make the casing the old fashioned way. Fold the edge over a 1/4" and press, then fold it over another 1/4" (or maybe just a smidge more), press and pin into place. Or, like me, if you're lazy, just fold it over 1/4", fold it over again 1/4" and pin. I sew the casing pretty slowly so I can keep the edge folded over and neat. Sue me. It takes FOREVER to iron seams! Once your casing is (at least) pinned in place, sew it shut as close to the edge as possible.

VERY IMPORTANT...make sure you leave about a 2" opening for you to feed your elastic through. You don't want to have to rip your seam open after you realize you have nowhere to put your elastic in through (not that it's happened to me :))!

5. Once you've sewn your casing, thread your elastic through. Put a safety pin on one end of your elastic and push it through the casing until it comes out the other side of the opening.

6. Once your elastic is threaded through, overlap it about 1" and sew it together.

7. Sew your casing shut.

TAH-DAH!!!! You are done and your Changing Pad Cover/Crib Sheet is complete!!!

Let's see how it looks on the pad!

Perfect fit!! And let's check out the crib sheet!

Another perfect fit! I hope this made sense and you enjoy making your own changing pad covers and crib sheets. How cute would they both be in minky fabric or flannel? The options are really endless.

And I gave you a sneak peek above, but up tomorrow is the crib skirt tutorial! You can have all your nursery bedding knocked out by the end of the week!

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  1. Amanda, his nursery is beautiful! Soooo talented.

  2. Thank you so much, Laura!! :)

  3. Thank you so much, Laura!! :)

  4. amazing!! you are so talented!! there's always DIY linkups in "blogland" on some of my favorite crafting should totally link up with them! :)

  5. Hi,

    When you say fold it over 1/4 inch then fold it over another 1/4 am I foldng the second fold on top of the first fold? I am new to sewing so I'm sorry if this question is silly.

    1. Not a silly question at all! Yes, you fold 1/4", and then over again another 1/4." So you've folded over a total of a half an inch of fabric, but created a little quarter of an inch pocket for the elastic. Hope that helps!

    2. Not a silly question at all! Yes, you fold 1/4", and then over again another 1/4." So you've folded over a total of a half an inch of fabric, but created a little quarter of an inch pocket for the elastic. Hope that helps!

  6. Exactly what I'm looking for! One question... what are the dimensions of your changing pad? I'm not sure if there is a standard size as you find with crib mattresses. Thanks!!!

  7. Love that and made two changing pads with your tutorial!
    Do you have a tutorial for the monogrammed pillow..? :-)

  8. Thank you so much for this tutorial, I have looked and looked, my daughter is wanting these for her nursery, I love doing these items. Any new ones keep me posted Thank You Carol


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