Monday, August 13, 2012

Mama Style: Maternity Uniform

Being a mom is hard for lots of different reasons. But one thing that changed when I became a mom was my style. Not completely, but a definite change. I wanted to be stylish, but not matronly. I wanted to play with trends, but not look like I was trying too hard, or look too young. So, if any of you feel (or have felt) the same, I have started kind of pulling together some outfits to help me out on those days that I just stare at my overflowing closet, but claim to have nothing to wear.

So up first, my Maternity Uniform.

I truly have never seen a pregnant woman NOT look cute in a pair of black leggings, a loose tunic, a gray drapey cardigan and a pair of knee high flat brown boots. DONE. EASY. ADORABLE. And, wait for it, COMFORTABLE!! Add some cute accessories and complete. Couldn't be easier. I wear a summer variation of this a lot, subbing out the boots for flip flops, and usually a short-sleeved tunic top. And obviously I just used some examples of pieces (I would NEVER in a million spend $175 on maternity leggings, or ANY leggings), but you can find much cheaper versions other places. It's just to give you an idea. If it were not August and 400 degrees everyday, I would wear this exact combination constantly. And the best part? This outfit completely works after you have the baby too!

What do you think? What did you wear a lot when you were pregnant??

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  1. Maternity uniform is such a serious term but you made it truly cool and fashionable! Those plus size maternity clothes are surely one of them but fashion always has its way of making things different and awesome!


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