Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Me!

6 Wonderful Years Ago.

1 miscarraige and 2 3/4 babies ago.

1 condo and 1 house ago.

3 cars and 2 trucks ago.

Thousands of laughs, tons of good times, and millions of memories ago.

The best decision I ever made was giving Scott my phone number LATE one night at a bar in Atlanta, even though he was dressed in a leisure suit and white platforms.

Happy Anniversary, honey. I love you more today than ever and look forward to all the wonderful years we have ahead of us. You are the best husband, daddy and friend I could ever ask for. I am one lucky girl! I love you. Here's to 6 years!!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! It's crazy how fast the time goes! I hope y'all have a great day and maybe even get to have a date.

  2. Love seeing your wedding photos. Enjoy your day!

  3. Loved this. Happy Anniversary!!

  4. Such a sweet post. Happy Anniversary to y'all! And may I just say that I am (selfishly) so glad you gave your number to the guy in the leisure suit that night too. I scored the best sister-in-law on the planet! :)

  5. happy anniversary!! your wedding pictures are GORGEOUS! you were a stunning bride!
    crazy how much can change in just a few short years, huh? :)

  6. Thank you everyone!! Time definitely does fly, and yes, it certainly is amazing how much things change in a relatively short amount of time! :) And I certainly gained much more than a great husband when Scott and I got married; but also an amazing new family and friends!! :)


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