Friday, August 24, 2012

Five on Friday: Ways to Help a New Mama

Mama and Baby Grayson

Being a new mom can be very overwhelming at times. I know that after I had Brantley, I didn't feel like I could do a thing, and remember being in my pajamas and a total mess for days on end! I had such wonderful family and friends that did so many wonderful things that helped us out, and thought I'd share a list of five things that any new mom in your life would really appreciate:

1. CLEAN or send someone over to clean-
I barely felt like I could put Brantley down to nap, much less actually clean the kitchen or do laundry while she was napping. My mom stayed a week after both Brantley and Grayson were born, and kept my house in good, clean shape. If you don't feel comfortable enough to clean your friend's house (or just don't want to, ha!), a VERY thughtful and appreciated gift would be to send over a maid for a one-time housecleaning. You can often find really great deals on groupon or living social.

2. Take her other kids off her hands-
If she has other kids, they may struggle with the attention the new baby is getting, and the new mama may struggle with balancing her time between them all. Take her kids out to a movie, the park, a long lunch, or just to your house, to give the kids something fun to do, while allowing mama some one on one time with the new baby.

3. Never come over empty handed-
After I had Brantley, I had a great friend who came over a couple of times, and everytime she came, she would bring something. First was food, then the next time she brought fresh flowers. The next time, she brought diapers (so simple, yet genius). Of course I wasn't inviting her over because she always brought things for me, but it was just so thoughtful and was always something that I needed or that brightened my day. Call the new mama before you get there to see if she needs anything, and even if she says no, bring her some chocolate. Who doesn't want chocolate?

4. Run errands for her-
Call new mama and see what she needs to do but just can't quite get done. Pick up her dry cleaning (well, her husband's dry cleaning. Lord knows after your baby is born, you're not wearing anything that needs to be dry cleaned), get her some stamps for thank you notes, run through McDonalds and bring her some lunch, pick up her kids from preschool, whatever will help relieve some stress.

5. Help her get out of the house-
New moms need time out of the house, but sometimes the very thought of packing up the baby, getting ready and actually going somewhere is just too much at first. Come over to her house and help her get the bag packed, rock the baby while she gets ready, and take her and baby out to lunch. Or a lap around Target. OR, watch the baby at her house while she goes out for a minute by herself.

As being a friend of new moms and being a new mom myself, friends and family are so important in helping a new mom readjust to life with baby. Any way that you can help her resume her normal (or new normal) life will help so much, and if you weren't already, you will be her best friend for life!!

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