Friday, August 10, 2012

Five on Friday: Maternity Cravings

I am extremely lucky to have really great and enjoyable pregnancies. Other than some minor aches and pains that everyone has, I really enjoy being pregnant and have had 2 and 2/3 easy pregnancies. And actually, all three have been very similar; a little sick at first but nothing bad, pretty comfortable, no serious issues. The one thing though, that has been different this time is what I'm craving to eat! I'm not sure if it's a boy vs. girl thing, but with Brantley and with Grayson, all I wanted was big fatty hamburgers, french fries, pizza, oreos, and any and everything unhealthy (might explain my 50 and 40 pound weight gains??), but this time, it's very different. here's what I'm running to the fridge for this time:

1. Salad with Lots of Fresh Veggies

I like a good salad just as much as the next girl, but I don't typically order salads when we go out to eat. I like a salad before I have a bowl of spaghetti. Or as an appetizer before my juicy steak. But not just a straight salad bar lunch or dinner. But I have been craving fresh, crisp salads with lots of fresh veggies on top. Cucumbers, carrots, beets, green peppers, avocado, tomatoes, you name it, it sounds good to me. And even down to a light viniagrette dressing, as opposed to a creamy blue cheese! I hope this craving sticks with me after Mr. Bennett arrives!

2. Candy

With the girls, it was chocolate. I had a candy bar almost every day (again, maybe one of the reasons I gained so much weight?). But this time, it's sugary, fruity candy. Think skittles, starburst, sour patch kids, gummy bears, etc. etc. I make Scott run by the gas station on the way home from work somedays to pick up a good selection for us. :) He's a good Daddy.

3. Starbucks Venti Decaf Iced Mocha

Blame this one on my mom. She came to visit a month or so ago, and ran by Starbucks before she came over. She brought this delightful coffee drink with her, and I was HOOKED. I typically don't like sweet coffee drinks or iced coffee drinks at all (my go to is a grande skinny latte) but this one is PERFECTION to me right now. I could drink 3 of them straight (if that would't cost me almost $15), they are now my new fave.

4. Chick Fil A Ice Cream

Not just any ice cream, but Chick Fil A Ice Cream. THE BEST. I can go coast through the drive up window, order a large cone and eat it all before I even get home. Or, the even better option, I can take the girls inside, order a large cone for me and a small cup for the girls to share, and let them run around the playground and burn off some energy while I enjoy sit and enjoy every calorie of my delicious dairy treat. If that's not a win-win situation, I don't know what is!

5. Pineapple

I like fruit fine, but it's not typically a go-to snack when I want something to eat. But lately, I have been all about fresh pineapple. I am not so interested in cutting one up myself, but I am quick to buy the fresh whole ones that have just had the skin removed and are packed in a nice little clear tupperware cylindar in the produce section. I cut it right up and eat it plain, or with cottage cheese, or with stawberries and blueberries for a yummy fruit salad. YUM. Baby Bennett loves it.

What pregnancy cravings have you had? Mine are not all that unusual, have you had any strange ones?


  1. i craved awful things when pg with my girls, too! i LOVED mcdonald's and i NEVER eat there! i haven't since i was pg w/laney. but w/both my pregnancies it was all i wanted. i also loved ice cream. which is probably why i was the size of a house :)
    i love that point in pregnancy when everything just tastes SO good :)

    1. That is so funny! I have heard of a lot of people craving bad (unhealthy) food with girls! And yeah, my hamburgers and french fries for lunch with a candy bar for dessert everyday with Brantley and Grayson didn't do much to help me. :)


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