Friday, August 10, 2012

A Onesie For Every Occasion

So, like I said in this post, I have been in baby prep overdrive, and have been making Baby Bennett lots of cute things to wear. Thought I'd give you a preview...

1. Of course, a navy gingham B. For when he's feeling preppy and traditional.

2. A classic football, for his first season of Clemson Tigers Football!

3. His summer work shirt, with a nice green polka dotted necktie. :)

4. For his first trip to the aquarium, a sweet chevron whale.

5. His Ben onesie, for when he's feeling a little less traditional, and a little more party boy. :)

6. His 'stache onesie. For when he and PaDaddy hang out (PaDaddy has been rocking a solid mustache since the 70's).

7. His winter work shirt, with a conservative striped tie (maybe headed to the GOP convention? :)).

8. A onesie to rep the state of his soon-to-be birth, his Georgia pride onesie. :)

9. And for his first trip to the beach, a sweet sailboat onesie.

I think the baby boy has a pretty good start! Now I just need to work on his holiday collections... :)

ANNNNND... Several of these onesie styles are for sale in my Etsy shop, Goat & Lulu!! Check out the Workin' for a Livin' Onesie, the Come Sail Away Onesie, the Little Man Mustache Onesie, the Whale of a Time Onesie, and the Georgia Pride State Onesie!

And stay tuned, I will be adding more items to the Goat & Lulu shop soon, including baby girl onesies, and onesie, burp cloth and bib gift sets!

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1 comment:

  1. All sooooo cute. He's going to be such a stylish little boy.


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