Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What I'm Pinning: So What if I'm Already Planning My Unborn Son's First Birthday Party

I came across the CUTEST idea for a boy's first birthday party a while ago on Pinterest (follow me here!) and so today I went ahead and started a board for it. A Little Man First Birthday, full of bow ties, neck ties and mustaches! So many cute ideas, and he hasn't even been born yet! But I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning, so if I don't pin it, it will fly out of my head and I'll never remember it. So, don't judge.

From The Pleated Poppy

Adorable Invitations, from Blue Print Paper

Adorable Mason Jars tied with bows and flowers from givemeaclassykiss.tumblr.com

So cute!! From Make It and Love it

Bow Ties for all the guests to wear! From Live the Fancy Life

And of course, some tutus for the girls at the party to wear! Adorable! From Johnny in a Dress

I can't wait! Even though it's a year and three months away!


  1. For selfish reasons, I am really excited you are having a boy and will be pinning lots of cute boy things/ideas. I am always jealous i can't repin all the cute girly stuff. So bring on the boy pins :)

    1. Haha, Laura! :) I am so excited to be pinning boy things and am so glad to have pinterest during this pregnancy! And no fear, I will have PLENTY of good boy pins to choose from! :)


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