Monday, July 9, 2012

What I am Loving Right Now...

- That Baby Bennett is FAR more active then both his sisters were in my tummy! He somersaults, kicks, jabs, punches, twists, flips and pokes ALL. DAY. LONG! There is no better feeling while you're pregnant than to feel your sweet baby moving!

-The 10,000 tomatoes that are growing on our 3 tomato plants! Who knew my husband had such a green thumb?! I made the roasted tomato sauce last week, bruschetta for part of our dinner tonight, and BLTs are on the menu for tomorrow. We are hyped up on lycopene and it's delicious.

-The faces of my sweet sleeping girls when we go check on them before we go to bed at night. :) They share a room now, and have been SO GREAT about going to bed together, on time, and usually without complaint! Brantley is usually sleeping on her back in her new big girl bed with her sweet little mouth just barely open. :) And Grayson is usually face down with pouty lips, on her tummy, with her little hiney stuck up in the air! So peaceful, so beautiful.

-Last Tuesday's mid-day thunderstorm. We had just finished playing in the pool and sprinkler for about an hour and we headed in when we heard thunder. We got out of our wet swim suits and into warm, dry clothes, and it started pouring. The three of us (and Monkey, of course) ventured out onto the porch, and watched the trees sway and the clouds churn as it stormed. Just rocked in the rocking chairs and listened to the rain. So relaxing. :)

-The fact that this pregnancy has changed the texture of my hair from board-straight to slightly wavy! When air dried, and with a little "curl enhancing" spray, I have a low maintenence 'do that's perfect for summer. I am ALL ABOUT low maintenence hair!

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