Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Very Luton Fourth

We had a really fun, but still laid back Fourth of July this year. Since I am supposed to be taking it easy (and am 28 weeks today!), we didn't want to venture out for too long or too far away from home, so we stayed in good 'ole Loganville for the day.

We started out our day celebrating our wonderful county with a yummy flag toast breakfast.

A couple pieces of toast, a smear of cream cheese and a smear of strawberry jam, topped with some blueberries and sliced bananas. Easy and the girls gobbled it up!

Then, we all got dressed in our red, white and blue best, and headed out to the annual Loganville 4th of July parade! This was our first year going and the girls loved it!

We came home (poor Gracie was up and hour and a half past her regular morning nap, so she fell asleep in the car!), and ate a yummy lunch of BLTs and Strawberry, Banana and Blueberry Flag Kabobs. I was so excited about their outfits this year; I got a KILLER deal on the dresses they wore to the parade (like under $10 for both!!). And then I made Brantley's skirt and Grayson's ruffle bloomers about a month or so ago, and whipped up their shirts last night. They took me about 30 minutes to make both, including the sewing time! I thought they turned out cute and were very easy.

Since we had been out in the heat all morning (and mama needed to sit down and put her feet up!) we stayed inside for a bit. The girls had fun playing with Monkey and screaming in each others faces (a new fun "game" that they love and Scott and I can barely take). :)

After it started to cool off a bit, we played outside, swinging and running aaround, burning off some energy. :) And then after our yummy grilled steak dinner with sauteed mushrooms and smashed potatoes, the girls enjoyed, what else, red, white and blue bomb pops! Would it be a Fourth of July without bomb pops?! :)

We got the girls inside and bathed and they were in bed by 7:30! Tired girlies!! And here we are, Scott and I in our normal places on the sofa, and watching the tv specials in the comfort of our AC. What a great day celebrating our freedom and our wonderful country!

Happy Fourth of July from The Lutons! :)


  1. Amanda, you are making such wonderful memories, and enjoying your little family so much!! You have no idea how much it will mean to you years later when you look at all these beautiful pictures, not to mention you are writing a history for the children!!! I applaud you for your enthusiasm and love for your family!!! Tell your boss, your job review went well, and I am suggesting a very large pay raise, with added bonuses and perks!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. Thanks Susan!! I think about how much I love looking at mom and dad's old pictures, and think that the kids will do the same with these! :) They are so much fun and I love every minute of being their mommy! :)

  2. i swear we live parallel lives...only yours is much craftier than mine! :)
    my girls have recently discovered the screaming game, too. for now, we're trying to ignore it-because it seems the more i discourage it, the more they love it - ah!

    1. Brantley and Grayson do the SAME thing!! I try to ignore it and they just get closer to each other's faces and scream louder!! Hoping it's just a phase!!


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