Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Photo Dump

I am getting slightly obsessed with Instagram, so here are some snapshots of what our life has been like lately...

1. Brantley rolled into the living room last night from the playroom on her tricycle, wearing her tiara and her purse on her shoulder, chanting "Princess to the rescue! Princess to the rescue!" Never a dull moment. :)

2. Snuggles with Daddy

3. At the Chick Fil A Drive-Thru, Grayson thought she'd give the new chocolate chip cookies a try. Needless to say, she's a fan.

4. My mom (Bammy), came to watch the girls for a few days last week while I was able to do a Stella & Dot fundrasier (yes, I sell Stella & Dot, check it out here!) at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. They beat the heat while I was gone by playing in the pool!

5. Grayson having a big time swinging at the park!

6. Taking a potty break and reading a good book. :)

7. Big girl panties are the CUTEST. I can see this picture showing up unexpectedly in a pre-wedding rehearsal dinner slideshow one day. :)

8. I set my purse down within Grayson's reach the other day (big mistake), and instead of going through my wallet and random pockets, Grayson found my secret stash of Fruit Loops and helped herself. She had a pretty guilty face when I caught her. :)

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