Monday, July 16, 2012

Nature Walk with my Big Girl

Since Grayson is getting bigger, communicating more, and now walking, she is also demanding much more attention from me. Attention that used to belong 100% to big sister, Brantley. So Brantley has been acting out a bit lately, and I think she is just struggling with the new attention balance that I am having to manage. And it doesn't help that I am having to sit down and rest with my feet up a lot thanks to baby brother, so I am that much more unable to give her the attention she needs (which is A LOT lately :)).

So, right after I laid Grayson down for her morning nap the other day, I pulled out a couple of empty toilet paper rolls that I had been saving, a piece of yarn, a scrap sheet of scrapbook paper and my trusty glue gun, and fashioned together a pair of "binoculars" while Brantley finished watching an episode of Dora (a perfect show suggestion by mama to as a prelude to our upcoming activity). After it was over, I asked if she'd like to go on a "Nature Walk" outside with her new fancy binoculars, which, of course, she was ALL ABOUT. So, we headed outside!

We started in the front yard, looking in the bushes, in the trees, at the grass, the ants, the flowers. And into the backyard, at the bird house, into the sky, the swingset, at mama, at the tomatoes, at the porch. It was such a simple way to spend just a few minutes alone with my big girl, and give her all of my attention, that I know she needs and wants so much right now. We didn't stay out long (it was about 90 degrees and only 10:00!), but it was so special. She is growing up SO quickly, and I think sometimes as a big sister, I expect too much out of her. Sometimes I need to realize that she is still a little girl, and just like Grayson, needs me and needs one on one attention from her mama. I hope I can remember to take more time out, for just her and I, in the upcoming months.

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