Friday, July 6, 2012

Five on Friday: Summer Tomato Recipes

We planted 3 tomato bushes this year that are yielding CRAZY amounts of tomatoes! We love to just slice up a big, red, juicy tomato with our summer dinners, but we have gotten so many this year that I have needed to find some recipes so they don't go bad before we can eat them. So here are 5 very yummy looking ways to use up the fruits of our bounty:

1. Martha's Roasted Tomato Sauce

We love spaghetti for dinner, so tomato sauce is a given. I made this the other day with MINIMAL effort (pretty much, you cut up the tomatoes and veggies, throw them on a sheet pan to roast for an hour and then puree them in the blender. Super easy), and it's delicious!! Way better than out of the jar, fresh and perfect for pasta.

2. Naan Bruschetta

A pretty traditional bruschetta, but on top of hummus and naan...yum!

3. Chili's Copycat Salsa

Normally, chips and salsa are one of my favorite snacks. But when I'm pregnant, I can eat it morning, noon and night! The recipe actually calls for canned tomatoes, but duh, how much better will the salsa be with garden-fresh tomatoes?!

4. Paula Deen's Tomato Pie

This recipe for Paula Deen's Tomato Pie looks so delicious. I can just picture making it for dinner with fresh corn on the cob, fried okra, butter beans, and biscuits.

5. Tomato Chutney

We are all about condiments in our house. This tomato chutney is so beautiful, and looks like it would be just as good on a grilled chicken breast as it would be on some cream cheese smeared on a medallion of toasted french bread. I'm headed to the kitchen to make this now.

Hope you have a happy weekend and here's to home grown fruits and vegetables!

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