Friday, July 13, 2012

Five on Friday: Five of My Favorite Blogs

I thought I might try something new, and every Friday, post a themed list of five things every Friday. So this Friday, for my first Five on Friday post, I thought I'd list five of my favorite blogs!

I read TONS of blogs (but only technically "follow" a few, which I guess I need to change), but there are a few really special ones that I read every sincgle day. They are in alphabetical order because that's how they're listed on my favorites menu:

1. A Cup of Jo- Joanna Goddard is a write that lives with her husband and toddler son in New York City. I love her simple and classic sense of style, and the way she juggles her career, her marriage and being a mom. She seems so down to earth and like she would be really cool in real life!

2. Cupcakes and Cashmere-Emily Schuman lives in LA with her husband, and writes a very simple blog about style, cooking simple recipes, easy DIY projects and very unique decor. Again, she has a very clean sense of style, with a little bit of edginess and definitely a California vibe.

3. Simply Modern Mom- Tiffany from Simply Modern Mom is where I got the idea of doing a Five on Friday list! She lives in Atlanta with her husband and three little girls, and I think her life more closely compares to mine than the first two bloggers! She posts lots about her kids and crafting, ways to save money and have fun, yummy recipes, and how she juggles it all. She also has cute and simple party ideas (and is where I got the idea for Grayson's ice cream party! I even emailed her to find out how she made her cute ice cream garland, and she emailed me back with step by step directions! So nice!).

4. Spearmint Baby- I just posted the other day about Spearmint Baby, and what an adorable blog it is. Shari is a stay at home mom of 3, and features lots of reader's pictures, nursery ideas, cute babies and anything and everything else that moms with young children love. And having a 3 year old, a 1 year old and a new one arriving in September, that is right up my alley! I am always searching for cute nursery ideas and colors, or new clothing lines for my girls, and I can always find something cute and inspiring on Spearmint Baby.

5. The Daybook- Sydney lives with her husband and infant son, and The Daybook is her chronicle of "real life and personal style." She is SO funny and self-depricating, and has an "awkward and awesome" feature that is hysterical, and completely relatable. She has a very unique sense of style that I draw from as well.

So, the common them between all of these blogs is that there's a lot of style, recipes, and mommy talk. Also, something that I'm working towrads in this blog, they have posts every day Monday through Friday. I think that's what keeps me coming back every day, that I know there's going to be something new!

Hope you enjoy my top 5, and add them to your list! And I love to read new blogs, so what are your favorites?? I need some new weekend reading material!

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