Friday, July 27, 2012

Five on Friday: Cute Diaper Bags

Before I go into the Five on Friday post, I want to invite everyone to visit my blog every day next week for NURSERY DIY WEEK! I have been working like a crazy mama trying to put a personalized spin on Baby Bennett's nursery, and would love to show you an inside look on what I've been working on. There will be tutorials and nursery ideas that would be easy to rework into just about any room of your house. Hope you'll come back and take a look! Now, onto your regularly scheduled post... :)

I am a SUCKER for a cute diaper bag. I must have gotten at least 4 with Brantley, and I have picked up a couple here and there in between. Here are 5 more that I could eaily add to my collection:

1. Timi and Leslie Charlie Diaper Bag

Love that this diaper bag looks like any other handbag in my closet! There are tons of color options (I particularly love this turquoise), and I actually saw it in Babies R US, and it's nice and BIG...just like I like 'em.

2. Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel Diaper Bag in Classic Cornflower

Another cute and LARGE diaper bag that would hold the excessive amount of things I like to carry around with me.

3. Navy Blue and White Striped Diaper Bag by Ika Bags on Etsy

This one would match Baby Bennett's nursery. Enough said, right?

4. Yellow Chevron Sausalito Tote & Bottle Bag

Love the classic shape and style of this bag with the cute, trendy chevron fabric. And I can't resist a good embroidered monogram.

5. JJ Cole Collections Satchel Bag

This bag has a really cute print, and is so roomy on the inside. I could get way more than I would actually ever use into this bag. Perfect.

Common themes: BIG. Looks more like a handbag than a traditional "diaper bag." ADORABLE!


  1. I'm looking forward to next week! I'm sure the nursery is adorable.


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