Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Baby Bennett,

Hello my sweet little boy. I feel terrible that this is the first time that I have sat down and taken a minute to write to you. Here we are, 30 weeks, which is really unbelieveable to me. This time being pregnant with you has gone by so quickly, and it really blows me away to think that you will be here with us in 10 short weeks (or less!). I have to admit, when we first found out that you were going to be joining our family, your daddy and I were shocked and a little scared. Your big sisters keep us very busy (as you will soon find out), and to think that we were adding another child to the family was a little overwhelming. But, we couldn't be more excited about meeting you. Our first little boy. You have certainly been making your presence known by kicking, twisting, turning, pushing, somersault-ing, and karate chopping your way around my tummy, and those movements are some of the best parts of my day. I especially like our special "dates" we have between 10:30 and 11:30 each night when you're particularly excited to hang out with mom. :) You must be a night owl like your daddy. :)

Your biggest sister Brantley talks to you every day (I'm sure you can hear her voice), and is always showing visitors where your new room will be. She is so proud to be having a baby brother! And your other big sister, Grayson, has just started walking, and walks into your room every day and starts to play with all of your toys! I think the two of you will be wonderful playmates, since you will be only 16 months apart. And your daddy, he is so excited to have a son. He keeps telling me about the football and baseball games he'll take you to and how he's going to teach you to be a good man when you grow up. And as for me...

I can hardly wait to hold you, look into your eyes and tell you that I'm your Mommy. I am so excited to dress you up in the sweet outfits that I've been making for you, and show you all the things that I have made with pure love for your nursery. I have started working on a quilt that will wrap you up and keep you warm when you're little during the winter. And though I'll be tired, I can't wait to share late nights alone with you in the quiet while you're getting used to your new routine outside the womb. I can't wait to feed you, to rock you to sleep, to read stories to you, to play with you with your sisters, to show you how much love we have in our family, and how this is the most perfect place for you to be. I can't wait for you to meet your Bammy and PaDaddy, Nana and Pop, aunts, uncles and all your cousins that are so anxiously awaiting your arrival.

God knew that our family would not be complete without you in it. Our little boy. You are a blessing to us, and have been since the moment you were conceived. We thought we knew what our plan was, but God definitely had bigger and better plans for our family. Proverbs 19:21 says:

"Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand."

It was God's purpose to have you in our family. The five of us. Daddy, Mommy, Brantley, Grayson and Bennett. We trust in God and know that His purpose for us is to have three babies. Jude 1:2 says:

"May mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you." And in our case, it is being multiplied by three!

In these last 10 weeks (hopefully you'll want to hang out for that full 10 weeks!), I'm going to try to get a few things done for your room and spend some special time with your sisters. I also want to try to get a minute alone with your daddy, and maybe a moment by myself too! But I really want to sit down and spend some quiet time thinking more about you and getting ready to be your mommy. A mommy of two little girls and a little boy. It sounds so perfect to me.

Bennett, we can't wait to meet you. We can't wait to show you that this is a wonderful world, and we have a nice place prepared just for you. We love you so much and are looking forward to seeing your sweet face!


Your Mommy :)

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  1. Can't wait to meet Bennett! Very sweet letter from a great mother.


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