Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Daddy's Little Girls

Being a mama of two precious little girls is a dream come true for me. I am a girly girl; I love shopping, makeup, curled hair, pink, dresses, jewelry and everything that goes along with it, so having 2 little girls following me around with big bows and ruffly dresses is perfect for me. And they love their mama.

But, they adoooooore their daddy. There is something really speical to be said about the relationship between a father and his daughter(s). My dad and I are very close, and though my mom and I are probably closer, being that we can relate to each other better now as adults and are both mothers, etc, my dad and I have a special bond, like he is still my protector. I think Brantley and Grayson feel that way about Scott. They run to the door (well Brantley does, and Grayson crawls fast since she can only walk slowly :)) when he comes home from work in the evenings, and they hang on him for the rest of the night. They want him to read them stories, and him to get their juice (because mama fills it 3/4 with water, and daddy pours the juice, straight up) and want to sit by him at dinner. Of course, they get to see me all day, and I'm not jealous one bit (it's actually a relief!), but they fight for his attention and he is so generous with it after his long days at work. And as they each get older, they are more and more in awe of Scott. The way these little girls look at their daddy and smile truly makes my heart melt constantly.

Grayson giving Daddy a hug at the ocean

After church on Easter

Scott's most popular evening role, "Horsey"

Daddy and his first born in the hammock at the beach

Playing with both girls in the water

Playing princess with Daddy

Scott taking Brantley to her first movie, Beauty and the Beast :)

We are all such lucky girls. :)

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