Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Slight Obsession with... Gallery Walls

I LOVE pictures. I cannot take enough, frame enough, look at enough, I just love them. And I want them EVERYWHERE. Some people like to decorate with art, but I like to decorate with pictures. Pictures of my family (the girls, especially), my friends, special places we've been. I want to decorate my house with things of meaning and things that I will never get bored of looking at.

Not that I was ahead of the trend or anything, but I have been LOVING the gallery wall style for YEARS. In our condo, right after we got married, I had so many pictures from our wedding and first few years together that I loved and wanted on display, that I had a huge gallery wall over our sofa. I just don't see the purpose of taking and having pictures and not putting them on display! And in our little condo, I didn't have a lot of tabletop space to set them, but had plenty of wall space to hang them on. I loved it then, and I still completely love the style now.

Here are some of my favorites from my Gallery Wall Pinterest board:

Love this going up the stairs

Another new obsession of mine, silhouettes

Narrow Gallery Wall

Another Gallery Wall up the stairs

Love it with mirrors!

Love the shelves for this one!

So, I thought I would share some (yes, there are more!) of the Gallery Walls that I've created in my home. Looking at my pinterest inspiration, I think I need to do a bit of tweaking to mine, but it's pretty low on the priority list right now...I'll get to it soon. :)

This one is my Cross Collection Gallery Wall. I saw the iron crosses in Hobby Lobby one day while innocently shopping, and picked up 3 since they were on sale (love those 50% off Wall Decor Sales!). I thought just a cute little display of 3 would be nice on the wall. But after that, I started picking them up everywhere I went, out of town trips, our honeymoon, our first anniversary, and now I get them as gifts from friends and family. They are actually one of my favorite gifts to receive. I have one in honor of both girls, and plan on continuing to collect them until I fill the walls! Right now they are on the wall of my foyer (which is more like an entyway than a foyer), and I like them there for now. :)

These two photos make up the biggest gallery wall, on the big wall of our living room. Our tv cabinet sits right betweeen these two galleries. My favorite pictures are on this wall, including some of Brantley and Grayson as newborns, wedding and honeymoon pictures, vacation and family pictures. I also have some of my "L" collection (I have LOTS of collections :)) displayed.

These two pictures are the walls that flank the entrance into my dining room. I have shutters hanging on either side of the door, and clearly thses are two of the walls I need to tweak! The first one (the left side) had a couple of hooks break, and I need to add some items and/or pictures below my new turquoise one. Got to work on that. Love the silhouettes of the sweet girls, probably two of my most favorite things I have on display.

This is a funny little corner in my living room. I love the collection of things I have here. Our last name in photographs, an antique wooden mirror, an antique windw with bookpage bunting, our monogrammed clock (first anniversary gift), countless pictures of the girls, a bird's net print with my sweet girls' names on the eggs, a HOME print, and last but certainly not least, a chevron silhouette of our beloved beagle, Monkey.

This wall leads to the upstairs in our house. It is pretty much dedicated to the girls! It has Brantley and Grayson's newborn pictures, a canvas of one of their first pictures together, and a silhouette pencil drawing we had done last Christmas. I plan on adding sweet Bennett to this wall and just making it a shrine to the kids! Not that the rest of the walls aren't!

And the last one I'll share is in our bedroom. I thought since we had so many pictures of the girls in the rest of our house, that this gallery wall in our Master Bedroom would be just Scott and I. So I have pictures from our wedding and engagement, and a few things I made, and an index card with a sweet note Scott wrote me before we were even engaged. :) I love looking at it, and thought it was too sweet to just throw in a memory book.

I plan on having a Gallery Wall in Bennett's nursery over his changing table, and a new one in the girls room as I work on redecorating it. I'm sure I'll post pictures when I reveal their completed rooms!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my walls and maybe even got some inspiration to display your favorite photos in your home!


  1. I love these too! The ones in your house look great!

  2. I LOVE your pictures!!! please do a home tour....or just invite me over. whichever works best - ha! i love hanging pictures in our home, too....BUT i have one small problem:
    i have a husband that HATES putting holes in the wall. he is a freak about it. :)
    (little does he know, there are lots of "oops" hiding behind current pictures/artwork. shhhh!

    1. Thanks Amy!!! I want to do a home tour, but need to get all or bedrooms in order! Our master bedroom is like a dumping ground right now for whatever isn't going in the living room or the kids rooms! Hopefully soon! But of course welcome to cone over anytime!! :)


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