Wednesday, July 25, 2012

31 Weeks

And I...

...still have my weddings rings on! I think this may be a record for me! much more comfortable in dresses. I am only on speaking terms with one pair of shorts, and with temps reaching at least 99 degrees most days here in Loganville, pants or jeans are not really an option if I plan on taking one step outside.

...have been getting heartburn just about everyday now. I don't really ever have heartburn unless I'm pregnant, but all I need is to pop a few Tums and I'm good. Hopefully Baby Bennett will have a headfull of sweet hair just like his sisters. :)

...would have to gain 30 more pounds in 9 weeks to weigh what I did when I gave birth to Brantley. WOWWWWWWWWW

...have been getting super tired in the afternoons, right around 4:30-5-ish. I try to sneak in a few minutes of a nap while Grayson finishes up hers and Brantley is engrossed in Dora, but since her new thing is sitting her wiggly little bony body on my outstretched legs while she's watching tv, not much napping is happening. :)

...have to sleep with a body pillow between my legs because my hips and pelvis get SO SORE during the night. This is the first pregnancy that I've had to do this. And it's not actually a "body pillow" that I'm using, it's Brantley's extrememly plush (and expensive) bumper from her crib bedding set! But it's the perfect length and is more like a pillow than a bumper pad anyway. Definitely serves the purpose!

...have to submit my hospital registration packet this week. WHOA. We're getting close now!

...also need to schedule a hospital tour. I am delivering Bennett at a different hospital than the girls due to our move, and have never been to this one before. Really don't even want to go, but I certainly don't want to get lost and not know where I'm going if I do get lucky and go into natural labor on my own this time! getting a lot done prepping Bennett's nursery. I'll be posting lots of tutorials next week for NURSERY DIY WEEK! still trying to rest as much as I can. Grayson usually naps from 10-12 and then again from 3-5, so I kick up my feet, Brantley grabs some books, and we read, color, talk, and watch tv while Grayson sleeps. And though I'm getting a lot done when I can, my to-do list doesn't seem to be doing anything but getting longer, so sometimes it's hard to be still for long. But, the more active I am, the more likely that little Ben will make an early appearance, and that's what we want to avoid! So, on the sofa I stay. :) TOTALLY looking forward to a mani/pedi with some of my good girlfriends this weekend! I feel bad for whoever has to work on my feet, though...let's just say they have been severely neglected. soaking up this wonderful time with my girlies. Grayson is doing more and more everyday and is just growing up SO fast. She mimics everything Brantley and I do and is becoming such an independent little lady, with quite an opinion of her own. :) And Brantley is SUCH an amazing helper and will definitely be my right hand girl when Bennett arrives. She has a new found love of a very special treat, chocolate milk, and has been telling me all the time, "Mommy, you're the best mommy of my whole life." HEART. MELTING. INTO. PUDDLES. :)

...really cannot complain about being pregnant! I have been so blessed to have great pregnancies with each of my children. And this time I have had lots of help from my family, friends, and a new babysitter for the girls. I feel good, the baby's moving a ton, and my midwife says all looks great. I can't really ask for more right now. Here's to 9 more weeks of the same!!

And just as a heads-up, please make sure you check back with me next week for...

Nursery DIY Week! I will have a new tutorial each day for different projects that I am working on for Baby Bennett's nursery that I would love to share with you. Not expecting?? No worries! Most of the tutorials can be adapted to any room of your house! So, check it out starting on Monday, July 30th!

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