Monday, June 25, 2012


I work best under pressure. When I have a close deadline or am just slammed with things that have to get done right away, I knock things off the list right and left. But if I have plenty of time, or have a list of things I just want to get done at some point, it seems like they linger on my to do list for weeks. Here is a current (abbreviated) list of things I need to get done:

1. Decide on a color scheme and/or theme for the Baby Boy's Nursery- I wanted to at least get through Brantley and Grayson's birthdays, and our two beach trips before I started to jump into the nursery project. I have been brainstorming for weeks, but just can't decide. I still have 3 months left, but I know this time is going to fly. I need to just pick some colors and go for it.

Yes? No?

2. Do some laundry and put said laundry away- We just got back from 2 beach trips with PLENTY of dirty clothes between the 4 of us. I have 1 pair of clean underwear left. Pretty sure I need to go ahead and do a load or 15. Also, just in the master bedroom, we have 3 FULL laundry baskets of clothes that need to be put away. Obviously, not my favorite household chore.

3. Put away Brantley's birthday party decorations- I think the only reason I got Grayson's birthday party decorations taken down and put away in a timely manner was because I had to decorate for Brantley's party that was only 3 weeks later. I have at least gotten the banners and tissue poms down, but everything is laying out on the dining room table. Not that we really use the dining room on a regular basis, but to have ONE nice, tidy and straight room is a plus.

4. Get a haircut- The last haircut I got was when my mom was visiting IN DECEMBER. It is no easy task to take 2 littles in with you to get a haircut and keep everyone (including the stylist and salon staff) happy, so I have put this off time and time again, but it's getting ridiculous. I mean, we're reaching Crystal Gayle-like proportions. And last time I checked, most salons are open on Saturdays so that Daddies can stay home and watch the babies while mama takes 45 minutes to get her split ends trimmed, right?


5. Write thank you notes- This really takes no time when I whip 'em out and get going. And I'm pretty serious about thank yous, especially for lovely little birthday gifts for my girls. I just need to get out the notecards, address book and stamps. But lets face it, that just takes far too much effort right this minute.

And here are the things I'm actually doing instead of the things listed above:

1. Fueling my pinterest obsession- If you follow me, you probably understand. I just LOVE having good ideas, recipes, crafts, snacks, etc, etc, etc at my fingertips at all times. Too bad I'm too busy pinning to actually get anything else done.

2. Sitting on the sofa with my feet up- Since Baby #3 seems to be putting a little more stress on my cervix than #1 and #2, I have been instructed by my midwife to get plenty of rest. So, thanks to my sweet Gracie and her awesome 2-a-day 2-hours-a-piece naps, I sit and relax for at least those 4 hours a day, and take MANY shorter breaks in between. As great as it sounds, with SO many things I'd like to be doing, it kind of makes me crazy. You'd think I could at least get #1 and #5 done on the above list sitting all day, but #1 on this list gets in the way.

3. Keeping the girls occupied and creating fun summer memories- I don't really mind this one. I don't want this summer to buzz by and we have done nothing outside and no fun inside activities either. We have been to the beach twice, swim lessons, Babyland General, the park multiple times, and we have lots of fun things on the Summer Bucket list to do. So if those thank you notes go an extra day without being written when we go for an outdoor scavenger hunt instead, I'm sure you'll understand.

4. Browsing on Etsy- Probably my very favorite website. I look for sewing ideas, for nursery ideas (and probably making my indecisiveness worse), ideas for myself, and of course gift ideas. I have a favorites list that's about 18 pages long (literally), and I can waste some serious time just looking.

5. Eating Oreos- A snack always sounds better than doing the laundry. Especially when combined with #1, #2 and #4 off this list. :)

PLEASE tell me that I am not alone and there are other procrastinators out there like me!


  1. procrastinators unite....tomorrow!! ;-)
    i had no idea all that was going on with baby boy. wish we lived closer to y'all and i'd come take those sweet girls off your hands for a few hours!

    and this list is basically MY list (minus the pregnancy) and i guess it's probably worse in my case since i'm not pregnant and have no doctor's excuse for all of my procrastination... ha! :)

  2. I can't say that I'm a procrastinator, but I can help with thank you notes! Go the easy way out like me and order the cute fill in the blank ones. They take no time at all to fill out! I ordered mine online at Target. I know they are not as personal, but I figure it's better than nothing! If I wasn't moving on Wednesday I'd come help with laundry!

  3. Amy, I'm actually interviewing some girls tomorrow to come over a couple of days a week to watch the girls and help me with some chores around the house. And my mom will be coming into town tomorrow and staying til Friday to help out too. Thanks goodness for mamas! This little boy is causing trouble already! :)

    And Marie, I can't believe you're moving already! I hope all goes smoothly! I need your new address too!


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