Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Nursery for Baby Bennett

When I was pregnant with Brantley, her nursery was planned as soon as I found out I was having a girl. I knew I wanted a traditional but eclectic and vintage look with pink and brown, her bedding was selected easily, and her room was complete about 4 months before she was born. I completely LOVED it.

With Grayson, before I found out if she was a boy or a girl, I had chosen a boy option and a girl option for bedding. We moved about a month and a half before I was due, but everything was ready to install and put up once we were in our house. Overall, I had a very clear idea of what it was going to look like. I actually think I liked Grayson's nursery even better than Brantley's...just loved how it turned out.

This pregnancy has been a little different. I'm not sure if it's because this pregnancy was a BIG surprise and I had not even considered thinking about another nursery yet, or the fact that I'm so busy taking care of the girls that designing another nursery wasn't on my radar, or that with pinterest I have gotten so overwhelemed and have seen SO many ideas, but I have not been able to focus and just pick a theme or color pallette for our baby boy!! We have decided on his name, Bennett Rutland (my Great-Uncle's middle name, and my Mother in Law's maiden name), and I am now so excited to create our first boy nursery! And there are soooooo many cute ideas out there. On one hand I want something that fits my traditional taste, but on the other hand, I want something bright and colorful and completely out of the box (as far as my decor style is concerned).'s what I have come up with for Baby Bennett...

Just looking at the pictures, I think I am really going to like it, once it all comes together! As far as the colors, I am thinking a range of blues: navy, royal, aqua and light blue, and accents of red and a soft lime green. I am loving the striped curtains and the accent stripe on the wall over the crib with his inital (or name, or monogram, still not sure). I have been inspired by lots of cute decor touches, like the personalized birth prints, galvanized buckets for toys and ABC prints. I love the ombre trend, and have been thinking of incorporating it into one of his dressers. The walls of the room are tan, a good neutral, and his dressers and crib are white. So I'm hoping everything will come together. Here's an idea of how the fabrics/colors will be combined:

I have lots of DIY projects and ideas (the PRESH hot air balloon mobile and the striped painted curtains are my FAVE!!!!) that I will post as I complete them. I hope our little man will like his room as much as Mommy!

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