Monday, January 2, 2012

Quilt Obsession and New Family Heirlooms

I LOVE collecting things. I love collections. It makes me feel like I'm buying things for a purpose, and maybe makes me feel better by saying "it's a collection," and not just a complete obsession. Either way, I don't care, and I love to collect things. :) I do have one stipulation, I like my collections to be functional. For instance, since I got married 5 years ago, I have collected a particular set of china that is named after Aiken, South Carolina, where me husband is from and where we got married. My in laws have given me a serving piece of the china every year for Christmas, and I love to incorporate it with my formal china set. I also collect crosses. This one fudges my functionality rule a bit, since they just hang on the wall, but they function as home decor, right? :)

So (get on track, Amanda...), my mom has had a quilt that was just a quilt top in my grandmothers hope chest until my grandmother had it made into a complete quilt as a wedding shower gift for my mom back about 33 years ago. It was a staple when I was growing up; if we went on a picnic, it was the quilt that was spread out. When we would build forts with chairs on rainy days, it was the quilt we used. Without me knowing it, it was a speical part of my childhood. So I told my mom a couple of months ago, that way down the line I would love to have that quilt to pass on to the girls. It was very special to me, and I didn't want it to just be some blanket that gets stored away. So, to ensure it wasn't just packed up, she went ahead and gave it to me. The girls and I have already put it to good use; backyard picnics, snuggling up for movies. And like their mama, they love a good blanket. When I found out a good friend of mine had begun quilting, I asked her if she would mind making Brantley and Grayson quilts for Christmas, and she kindly obliged. As I waited for them to come in the mail, I could barely contain my excitement. I was hoping that the girls would enjoy them, and lo and behold! I had begun a new collection.

The quilts were one of my favorite gifts we gave the girls this year. Not only are they just lovely blankets for movie nights or for warming up after their baths, but they were made with love, just for them, BY HAND, which I think is so special. I know that they are heirlooms as far as I am concerned, and hope that they will be for them in the future.

Brantley's Quilt:

Grayson's Quilt:

So of course, now I'm obsessed. :) I have been searching pinterest and ebay for new quilt ideas and inexpensive quilts to continue my collection. And talk about can never have too many blankets as far as I am concerned! For overnight guests, when the power goes out, to use as shabby tablecloths, and of course, snuggling under. Here are some beauties that I have found:

So a big thank you to Leslie, and here's to my new quilt collection!

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