Friday, January 27, 2012

Just pinned...

It is no big secret that I am obsessed with pinterest. Here are a couple of things that I have recently pinned that I am totally inspired by!

I am in love with these stenciled frames! I think, however, instead of purchasing them on etsy, I'm going to craft it up and make them myself. :) Already bought the supplies, and thinking that they can go either in the playroom or in one (or both!) of the girls rooms. That's one of my crafting problems...I tend to make things before I figure out where they're going to end up!

I am always on the lookout for yummy, healthy and easy dinner recipes. I have some random edamame and chicken in the freezer, and this Chicken, Edamame & Rice with Orange-Ginger Dressing will be a perfect way to use that up!

I have seen these "Handmade Ryan Gosling" photos all over pinterest, and they are hilarious! :) I am such a huge Ryan Gosling fan since The Notebook, and I just think these are so amusing. :)

I am slowly working on ideas for Brantley's big(ger) girl room. We did a big girl room right before Grayson was born, but it was really just her old nursery stuff with some new big furniture added, and it all looks out of proportion and incomplete to me. Enter pinterest. I love the idea of framing Brantley's coming home outfit, and framing a piece of jewelry that will be hers one day is just the sweetest idea.

Another obsession of mine (seems like I get obsessed with things, and LOTS of things, easily...) are garlands, buntings, pennants, etc. LOVE them. And I love this idea! I have spent a lot of time this week rearranging the playroom for the girls, moving old toys out, moving things in, etc. So I finally have it organized in a neat and tidy way, yet conducive to good, fun play, and I have 2 blank walls that are BEGGING for some garland/bunting/pennant fun. I have one already made that I can definitely string up, and I just need to dig through my pinterest boards to find some more cute ones. Love it!! :)

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