Saturday, December 3, 2011

Noodles the Elf

So, this whole week, I have been working on Christmas decorations and getting our family ready for Christmas! Since Brantley is 2 1/2, this is the first year she can really wrap her head around the traditions of Christmas and stories, and Santa Claus does, etc. So, this is the first year we have done Elf on the Shelf. Brantley names our little Elf Noodles (with no name suggestions from Mama!), so I have been documenting Noodles' escapades every night after Brantley goes to bed.

The first night, Noodles prepared breakfast for Brantley and Grayson, and left a letter introducing himself. Mama will have to upload that picture later. :) But the second night, Noodles gathered all of Brantley and Grayson's teddy bears together and was reading them The Night Before Christmas. It looked like they really enjoyed it. :)

Last night, Noodles found Barbie, and it looks like he decided to play her some Christmas songs on Brantley's piano! I thought I heard something in the middle of the night...

Keep checking back to see what Noodles will be up to at our house!

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